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The Ocean's Edge: Video Surveillance & Monitoring in Remote Alaska

In a far-flung island on the coastline of Alaska, the Twenty20 team faced a project huge in scope and planning.
Beautiful Alaska image with foreground lake, forest, and background snowcapped mountains


A large mining and minerals company owns and oversees management of an abandoned copper mine located on an island along the south coast of Alaska. The mine is currently unsealed and un-remediated, causing it to represent a significant environmental risk to the surrounding area. Due to regulations imposed by the Alaskan government, the owner was required to begin cleanup efforts for the mine. An environmental remediation company was contracted to install specialized equipment, including long-term time-lapse cameras, to measure water flow and levels of contamination in the mine over a period of time and formulate a strategy for cleanup. The project also required establishment of energy consumption monitoring capabilities, with solar power being a significant provider of energy for the site’s equipment and support facilities. This company sought out Twenty20 Solutions to assist in establishing these surveillance capabilities, as well as integrating critical monitoring equipment already present on the site. Initiated in late May of 2022, this install would encompass "phase one" of the full project; “phase two” would comprise finishing tasks, QA, and the final commissioning of the project.


This project presented several challenges to the Twenty20 team. The mine is located in an extremely remote area with little existing support infrastructure, requiring water, air, and land-based transportation to reach. Nearly all of the team's construction equipment, including bulky excavators, had to be barged in - not a small task when considering the required ocean transport. The long travel and shipping distances necessitated extensive logistical planning, while steep, difficult terrain, poisonous vegetation, wildlife, and dangerous weather conditions all presented safety threats. Strict scheduling limited workdays and prolonged installation times beyond