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SiteWatch™ Skid

Mobile, self-contained security solutions designed for rapid deployment and ideal for temporary locations.


utility substation
Next Level Security in Action

One of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the U.S. provides service to approximately 16 million people.

The video surveillance solutions, manned by Twenty20’s MMC team, have stopped multiple thefts and led to numerous arrests. The “voice down” functionality prevented one break-in altogether, saving the company not just the loss from theft but the damage from a forced entry.


Reduce theft and vandalism and keep your assets safe

Reduce Theft

Set up automated push alerts to text or email systems

Push Alerts

Control entry points and track vehicles across your locations

License Plate Recognition

Quickly access event-specific footage remotely or stream live HD video

Live Video

Actionable insights and historical reports available online

Online Reporting

View one or multiple locations all within a single system

Scalability For All Sizes

Visibility to your sites from any computer, tablet, or smartphone via our web-based platform

IOT Device Compatibility

Solar-powered battery operates normally with up to five days of no sun

Solar-Powered Battery

Supports multiple cameras and ancillary equipment

Multiple Cameras

Rugged steel construction withstands strong winds and severe weather


Optional voice-down functionality plays predetermined audio to deter unwanted activity

Voice-Down Speakers

Quickly and easily relocate the trailer as surveillance needs change

Easy Relocation

The SiteWatch™ Mobile offers many significant advantages to businesses and organizations of all kinds. Combined with Twenty20’s Novus™ IoT platform, you can ensure that your sites and assets will be monitored and protected.

Benefits of SiteWatch™ Mobile




1. Camera Arrays

Elevated cameras allow for greater range with a 360-degree viewing angle.


2. Standard & Large

Two options to varying site needs. Standard version fits in the bed of a pickup truck for easy transport.

4. Skid-Mount

Skid-mounted construction can be picked up and moved without complicated disassembly.

3. Power Options

Solar panel and battery bank combine to enable flexibility in placement and relocation.

1. HD Cameras Arrays

From PTZ to thermal and radar cameras, the SiteWatch™ Mobile comes equipped to monitor any site.

2. Telescoping Mast

Collapsible mast rapidly deploys to greatly increase viewing area. Manual and electric options available.

3. Edge Device

Manage cameras and monitor equipment status remotely via the Novus™ platform.

4. Solar Array

Self-powered solar system with generator backup, allowing for flexible placement without requiring power sources.

5. Trailer-mounted

Easily packed up, transported, and deployed to even the most remote and rugged locations.

6. Backup Generator

Backup generator ensures power, even during inclement weather.

Reduce costs by up to 50% over on-site security guards



Monitor four times the area capable by a single security guard

SiteWatch™ Skid

The SiteWatch™ Skid is a portable, skid-mounted security solution designed for rapid and easy deployment where in-ground options are not possible. When regulations do not permit digging or mandate special protection due to landscape, wildlife or other factors, the SiteWatch™ Skid is the ideal solution for a multitude of remote locations.

Portable & Self-Powered Units for Remote Sites

SiteWatch™ skid solutions are designed for use in off-grid environments with no connectivity or power, so you can manage your remote operations from anywhere without costly investments in infrastructure. Plus, all Twenty20 security solutions record footage on-site 24/7 and push events to our web-based platform in real-time, so your team is notified when a potential threat arises.