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Access Control

Vehicle and License Plate Recognition gives you the control to limit site access to only approved visitors and authorized personnel. Our remote surveillance gives you real-time threat detection at even the most remote locations and offers you the freedom to monitor your site with the surveillance solution that fits you best.

Security for Substations

Electric substations are critical infrastructure that play a vital role in the distribution of electricity to homes and businesses across the United States. As such, they are often targeted by criminals who may seek to steal valuable equipment or disrupt the power supply. Twenty20’s video surveillance, ASLI and access control solutions help to deter and prevent such criminal activities with its proactive approach, as well as protect the substation's employees and assets. Additionally, our core solutions can quickly provide valuable evidence for law enforcement in the event of a crime or incident at the substation. This can help to identify and apprehend suspects, as well as provide insights into how the crime was carried out. 

Video Surveillance & Monitoring

Keep your operations running securely and efficiently with our AI-Enabled Comprehensive Smart Security system. Our video surveillance solutions give real-time threat detection, with events pushed to a web-based platform for you to view, at any time, from any device. Any suspicious activity or potential threats caught on camera will trigger an immediate alert from our 24/7 monitoring center, keeping you in control. Reduce theft and vandalism and identify potentially hazardous working conditions all from a single hub, with drastically lower operating costs to you.