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Underside view of a Twenty20 dome security camera -Security cameras, hardware, and surveillance

Security Hardware 

​Twenty20 Solutions offers a variety of security hardware product options to serve your organization’s unique security needs.

Twenty20’s SiteWatch™ Mobile security trailer isolated against a white background
SiteWatch™ Mobile

The SiteWatch™ Mobile is a trailer-mounted surveillance system ideal for short-term deployment situations, but rugged enough for long-term use in the field.

Twenty20 SiteWatch™ Skid all-in-one security unit with transparent background
SiteWatch™ Skids

A portable, skid-mounted security solution designed for rapid and easy deployment where in-ground options are not possible.

Twenty20 SiteWatch Surveillance comprehensive security system (consists of mast pole, mounted solar panel, RCU, and generator container) with transparent background
SiteWatch™ System

​The SiteWatch™ Surveillance System is a fixed-mounted, self-contained surveillance solution available with various equipment and configurations to suit your environment.

SiteWatch™ Hardware

Part of Twenty20’s GateWatch™ Access Control system including the entry number keypad, RCU, and barrier arm unit
GateWatch™ Access Control

The GateWatch™ Access Control System is a permanent, in-ground solution that gives you total control over who accesses your sites and when.

Twenty20’s GateWatch™ Mobile access control solution (solar panel, entry keypad, mounted camera, and barrier arm) against a transparent background
GateWatch™ Mobile

The GateWatch™ Mobile is a portable, skid-mounted access control solution, ideal for temporary installations or deployment in locations where in-ground, permanent systems aren't possible. 

GateWatch™ Hardware

Two Twenty20 SmartLock™s (shrouded and unshrouded models) against a transparent background
Twenty20 SmartLock™

Built for professionals and designed for rugged, off-grid locations, the water-resistant, impact-resistant SmartLock immediately increases your asset protection by creating an audit trail of access information. 

Two SiteWatch™ Express DIY units (one with dome camera, one with dome camera & Active Shooter Location Identification acoustic device) against a transparent background
SiteWatch™ Express

The SiteWatch™ Express DIY is a complete security system housed in a conveniently sized and portable package, enabling rapid deployment and easy installation.

DIY Hardware

GateWatch™ Hardware


Highly configurable, self-sufficient access control systems with various power options and multiple camera configurations to suit your site specific needs.

DIY Hardware


Quick and simple security solutions designed to be portable, lightweight, and easily installed. These solutions have a variety of power options – perfect for areas with rugged terrain lacking (or limited) power or internet access.

IP Cameras


Easy-to-install network cameras equipped with features that stand up to interior conditions as well as harsh exterior environments. Multiple sizes and options to suit varying viewing needs.

Twenty20 bullet security camera with transparent background
Bullet Camera

Rugged, waterproof, and easily mounted to walls, ceilings, or poles, the Twenty20 Bullet Camera is a flexible choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Twenty20 PTZ security camera with transparent background
PTZ Camera

The Twenty20 PTZ, or Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera is a responsive, precise option for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Twenty20 dome security camera with transparent background
Dome Camera

Highly visible and built to last, the Twenty20 Dome Camera enables a 360 degree, unparalleled view of any area, day or night.

IP Cameras

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