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GateWatch™ Mobile

Self-contained access control system lets you track, record and deter access at even the most remote locations.


Monitor 4x the area capable by a single security guard


Reduce costs by up to 50% over on-site security guards


Portable & Self-Powered Units for Remote Sites

Built to work in off-grid environments with no connectivity or power, the SiteWatch™ Mobile adapts easily to any location. This self-powered solution allows you to manage your remote operations from anywhere without needing to make costly investments into additional infrastructure. The solar-powered battery and trailer-based construction allows for unparalleled flexibility in where you place the SiteWatch™ Mobile.

Grant, edit or revoke access to your sites in real-time online

Real-Time Access

Reduce downtime for contractors, allowing instant access to locations

Keypad or Card Entry Access

Restrict access to your sites to prevent trespassing, vandalism, and theft

Reduce Crime

See who is entering or existing your sites from anywhere and at any time

Remote Viewing

Set up automated push alerts to text or email systems

Push Alerts

Time-stamped footage is easily accessible for reports and site checks

Time-Stamped Footage

Tough build resists damage from frequent relocation and harsh environments

Rugged Construction

Remotely administer multiple facilities through one efficient interface

One Interface

Solar-powered battery operates normally with up to five days of no sun

Solar Backup

We go above and beyond to ensure our customers have the best solutions and equipment for their sites

Customer Satisfaction

The GateWatch™ Mobile is overall a flexible, self-sufficient access control solution for all kinds of sites. This relocatable solution offers many unique features that make it stand out from traditional access control hardware.

Benefits of GateWatch™ Mobile

SiteWatch™ Mobile

The SiteWatch™ Mobile is a trailer-mounted surveillance system ideal for short-term deployment situations, but rugged enough for long-term use in the field. This mobile solution can easily be relocated by a single person and deploys quickly for emergency situations, allowing flexibility based on changing security needs.

Plus, all Twenty20 security solutions record footage on-site 24/7 and push events to our web-based platform in real-time, so your team is notified when a potential threat arises.




1. Camera Arrays

360° visibility with a variety of camera options to suit different site needs


4. Skid-Mount

Relocate & install where in-ground, permanent systems aren’t possible

2. Power Options

Self-sufficient with solar-powered battery, increasing flexibility in placement

3. Access Control

Entry granted to visitors via keypad, card, or License Plate Recognition

1. HD Cameras Arrays

From PTZ to thermal and radar cameras, the SiteWatch™ Mobile comes equipped to monitor any site.

2. Telescoping Mast

Collapsible mast rapidly deploys to greatly increase viewing area. Manual and electric options available.

3. Edge Device

Manage cameras and monitor equipment status remotely via the Novus™ platform.

4. Solar Array

Self-powered solar system with generator backup, allowing for flexible placement without requiring power sources.

5. Trailer-mounted

Easily packed up, transported, and deployed to even the most remote and rugged locations.

6. Backup Generator

Backup generator ensures power, even during inclement weather.

Monitor 4x the area capable by a single security guard


Reduce costs by up to 50% over on-site security guards


Reduce costs by up to 50% over on-site security guards



Ingress & egress cameras plus 360° camera for overall view

GateWatch™ Mobile

The GateWatch™ Mobile is a portable, skid-mounted access control solution that is ideal for temporary installation and deployment in locations where in-ground permanent systems are not possible. Self-sufficient via a solar-powered battery, the GateWatch™ Mobile is a perfect solution for areas with limited or no power connectivity, enabling you to save money on the installation of expensive power infrastructure. Providing far more intelligence than a standard access gate, the GateWatch™ Mobile comes equipped with a multitude of security features and detailed activity logs.

Manned gates are often not feasible for many properties, particularly those in rugged, remote locations. The GateWatch™ Mobile removes the complexity of site entry monitoring by allowing you to grant access from anywhere in the world, anytime via our online Novus™ IOT platform. Receive notifications of all approaching vehicles and tune in to livestream video directly from the GateWatch’s cameras, allowing or disallowing entry as needed. The Novus™ platform also automatically tags all entry and exits events, allowing you to review them at your leisure. Additional License Plate Recognition (LPR) functionality captures all entering vehicle’s license plates to ensure no visitor goes unchecked.