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Surveillance & Monitoring for Large Electrical Utility Company



One of the largest combined natural gas and electric energy companies in the U.S. provides service to approximately 16 million people.


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Critical Infrastructure list includes the US electric power generation segment. As a part of this segment of critical infrastructure, a large utility company requires security to protect its high-value facilities and substations, reduce theft and minimize power outage risks from domestic terror threats. Specifically, the utility provider had identified a trend of increased theft during construction and expansion projects, when additional materials and equipment were on location at power stations. In response, the company implemented a new policy that required additional security at vulnerable substations, especially during construction projects.


Twenty20 Solutions conducted a security audit to identify vulnerabilities at the facilities and rapidly deployed mobile video surveillance solutions to immediately curtail thefts. These skid- and trailer-mounted solutions gave the power company the flexibility to move surveillance units from one site to the next as the company initiated and completed construction projects across its operations, back-filling completed locations with more permanent surveillance installations.

​The company’s surveillance needs fluctuate during periods of expansion, making it difficult to manage internal support resources during high- and low-periods. So, instead of staffing its own team to monitor these systems, the company trusts Twenty20 Solutions to monitor all surveillance platform events in real-time, around the clock, from its Manned Monitoring Center (MMC). The security solutions are equipped with a “voice down” functionality and speaker system, which allows the Twenty20 monitoring team to issue live, verbal warnings, such as “The police have been contacted and are on their way.” The system can also play recordings, such as barking dogs, to deter unauthorized personnel from entering the facilities in the first place.

Benefits & Values

​Rapidly Deployed Solution

Twenty20 immediately implemented mobile surveillance units to address growing theft issues on customers' construction sites.

​Expanded Bandwidth

Adding our Manned Monitoring Center service to remotely monitor all activity at their sites allowed the customer to extend the bandwidth of their internal team.

​Reduced Crime

Remote monitoring and on-site "voice down" functionality have prevented multiple thefts and led to numerous arrests, reducing loss and damage from forced entry.


The video surveillance solutions, manned by Twenty20’s MMC team, have stopped multiple thefts and led to numerous arrests. The “voice down” functionality prevented one break-in altogether, saving the company not just the loss from theft but the damage from a forced entry.


About Twenty20 Solutions

Twenty20 Solutions is a global provider of automation and security technology, smart surveillance, monitoring, and access control solutions for on and off-grid environments. We offer a full suite of artificial intelligence and video analytics technologies, including object detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, thermal and radar detection, and more. Contact us today for more information on the ways we can help you secure your operation.

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