Cannabis Security Solutions

As more states legalize both medicinal and recreational sale of cannabis and marijuana products, security of grow sites and processing facilities is more important than ever.

Cannabis Security for Grow Facilities 

It is estimated that annual U.S. legal sales for the cannabis industry will exceed $35 billion by 2025. More states continue to legalize both medicinal and recreational sale and use of cannabis and marijuana products. With the exponential growth of the cannabis industry come new challenges that arise for those companies entering the space.

One of the most critical challenges for the marijuana industry is security. Cannabis growing, cultivating and processing facilities face substantial risks due to large inventories of highly desirable products and high cash management. Cannabis operations face many internal and external threats to their business. Theft is the greatest of these threats. While it is estimated that 90% of marijuana theft is attributed to employee theft, external threats are constant, especially since legally-grown cannabis products triple in value in states where cannabis is illegal.

Regulations for Cannabis Security


Regulations for cannabis operations are enacted at the state level and can vary significantly from state to state. Cannabis regulations around security requirements can be extensive and often hard to follow, considering that local cities and counties can also have their own regulations. Non-compliance can make your company subject to legal and financial penalties that can cost you money, your license and ultimately shut down your operations.

Most states mandate security systems be in place for marijuana grow sites, processing facilities and dispensaries. Video surveillance, monitoring and access control play key roles in most of these requirements. However, securing cannabis crops is not as simple as installing cameras and turning them on. Growing cannabis in remote areas carries a unique set of problems. A big one is getting power and connectivity to the site.

It is important for cannabis growers and distributors to invest in a cannabis security solution from a provider like Twenty20 that can guide you through the planning and implementation process, ensuring your system not only meets, but exceeds, legal requirements so your business is fully operational at all times.

Twenty20's Solutions for Cannabis Security


Cannabis growers and distributors in some states, including California and Colorado, are required to keep up to 90 days of recorded video security footage on-site to meet state compliance regulations. Overcoming these challenges requires flexible storage solutions that deliver the capacity needed in a cost-effective manner. Twenty20 offers expanded storage configurations of our technology that are capable of meeting these state-mandated requirements so you can be confident that your business is in compliance with all state regulations.

On-Grid Cannabis Cannabis Solutions

Designed for cannabis facilities that have existing power and wi-fi connections, this Edge device allows for all cameras to run to a single server system. Coupled with an external storage device, it will store 90 days of historical recordings for up to 30 cameras per facility. In addition to meeting the cannabis regulations for on-site video footage storage, this Edge device features data redundancy and hard drive failure resilience. Because it is designed with multiple independent drives, a single drive can fail without affecting the others. So you are always in compliance with regulations, even if a drive fails.

Off-Grid Cannabis Storage Solutions

This Edge device is designed to allow those cannabis grow sites without power or connectivity to meet 90 day on-site video footage storage requirements. It can store 90 days of storage at a high frame rate for up to 8 cameras. If your facility requires multiple devices to support more than 8 cameras, you can still access all footage via the Twenty20 cloud-based platform to see real-time or historical footage for all cameras in a single view.

How to Secure Cannabis Grow Sites

Securing cannabis grow sites and facilities, whether your operations are indoor or outdoor, can be challenging and expensive. Considering the remote locations in which many of your operations are likely located, you may not have access to electricity or wi-fi in all areas of your operations. Installing electrical power can be a significant cost to your overhead, but is required for the majority of security systems that can meet the state compliance regulations required.

Twenty20 Solutions leverages leading-edge technology to provide a variety of innovative cannabis security options that do not require power or connectivity while giving unprecedented visibility to your sites. Coupled with the visibility and insights provided by the Twenty20 cloud-based platform, we help you make the best real-time decisions to manage your marijuana business and keep it up and running efficiently.

In many cases, video surveillance and using audio and visual deterrents is enough to scare away a would-be criminal from your site. However, combining site surveillance with remote monitoring gives you an added level of security. Twenty20’s Manned Monitoring Center (MMC) is staffed with experienced virtual security experts that keep constant watch over your site. With virtual cannabis site security monitoring, our MMC staff can notify the proper authorities to dispatch law enforcement within seconds when other on-site deterrents have not worked.

Benefits of Video Surveillance & Monitoring on Cannabis Operation Security

View Sites Remotely

Twenty20 Solutions lets you observe your cannabis sites in real time, 24/7, through our web-based platform. From any location, at any time, you will know what’s happening on-site. You can also access previous events in order to track activity. Twenty20's video analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence reduce false alarms so you can focus only on real threats to your operations. Our system correctly identifies objects, differentiating items like vehicles, animals or people. In addition, you have the ability to identify PPEs, vehicles and license numbers so you can track equipment and personnel, enforce safety compliance, verify billable vendor time and more.

Secure Remote Operations

Many cannabis farms are in rural areas that often have no power or connectivity. Twenty20 supports both on- and off-grid marijuana facilities by offering solar-powered solutions that do not need electrical connections to operate. With our proprietary connectivity technology, our solutions transmit data and video footage in the most isolated locations.

Save Money

Security solutions from Twenty20 can reduce your overall security costs. On-site security guards are costly, provide limited effectiveness and cannot secure all areas of a site at one time. Our video surveillance, motion detection and trained virtual monitoring professionals can secure up to 4x the area for up to 50% of the costs of security guards.

Reduce Employee Theft

Your employees have access to products and insider knowledge of business operations. It is not surprising that up to 90% of theft in this cannabis industry can be traced to former or current employees. Implementing video surveillance, monitoring and access control can significantly reduce the amount of employee theft in your marijuana grow or manufacturing facilities.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

The cannabis industry is extensively regulated at the state, municipal and local levels. Regulations are comprehensive, vary from state to state and can be difficult to follow. Not adhering to regulations can put you and your business in jeopardy, resulting in closure of operations or even jail time for negligence. Twenty20 Solutions guides you through the regulatory requirements to help that your security systems are compliant with all regulations so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions prevent theft, burglary and vandalism without requiring additional on-site personnel.

Remote Access

Know exactly who comes and goes from your locations with systems that provide the audit history and control.


The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center is staffed with virtual guards that provide real-time monitoring to keep your site safe.

Solutions for Cannabis Grow Facilities

Featured Case Study

Operating in a highly regulated industry with facilities and products that are high-value targets for theft, cannabis processing companies require exceptionally tight security. One such company came to Twenty20 Solutions looking for a solution that could be securely replicated across multiple sites as the company expanded.