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Man with headset viewing multiple monitors with security camera feeds

Video Surveillance 

Video surveillance solutions from Twenty20 protect your assets from theft, vandalism, or unauthorized access.

Twenty20 Solutions branded PTZ security cameras array, mounted on a pole against a blue sky background

24/7 Viewing from Anywhere

Twenty20’s security camera systems and surveillance solutions give you the freedom to focus on your business, with the confidence to know that your remote operations are being kept protected and secure. Get complete, real-time visibility of your facilities, day or night, even in remote locations without power or data connections. Trust our job site security cameras to provide the surveillance your facility requires.


Our security camera systems solutions bring your many sites into a single view, so you can monitor your facilities, employees, and contractors anytime, from anywhere, allowing you to take proactive, immediate action when a security breach occurs. With real-time surveillance and detection systems, you have the power to be there, even when you’re not.

Stand-alone security camera systems that operate without power or connectivity

Extended range cellular, satellite or LAN connections

Integrated view of sites viewable 24/7 via web-based dashboard 

Real-time access to online video insights and historical reports 

Twenty20 Solutions offers an array of surveillance options to serve your security needs.

Twenty20 SiteWatch™ Mobile all-in-one hardware solution (trailer, cameras, generator, solar panel, etc.) on a road in front of the Grand Canyon
Remote Video Surveillance

With video surveillance solutions from Twenty20, you get real-time threat detection at even the most remote locations. Footage is recorded locally, around the clock, with events pushed to a web-based platform in real-time, allowing you to view your cameras from virtually anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 


All of our security camera monitoring solutions feature rugged, high-end cameras with a variety of features and capabilities. We offer Infrared, color and thermal imaging, HD video, PTZ technology, and more.

Site-wide radar of an area with two pools; top level video/GPS view
Radar Surveillance

Twenty20 radar surveillance features enhanced motion detection not available with video security alone. Our radar provides comprehensive coverage with minimal equipment and can be used as a stand-alone system or as a supplement to video surveillance solutions. Ideal for large infrastructure areas, such as storage yards.


Radar surveillance provides exact position, angle of movement of velocity or moving objects and operates in all weather conditions, reducing false positives and detecting threats before an intrusion occurs.

Two bullet security cameras on a metal wall, facing opposite ways
Time-Lapse Surveillance

Twenty20 time-lapse video surveillance solutions are particularly suited for high-activity areas where motion detection is not practical, such as construction sites. Time-lapse not only helps secure your operations, but can also be used to record construction progress, secure project timelines, and review worker activities. It is an efficient, cost-effective security option, especially suited for remote sites.

Energy and production site with trucks
Next Level Security in Action

A large, private energy exploration and production company based in Midland, TX has operations spanning more than 350,000 acres, the second-largest land position in the region.

Integrating cameras, gate controllers, and door access systems at their 21 locations into a single platform allowed managers to view, regulate, and control every aspect of their security system. Users can view and audit historical access logs for doors and gates, as well as remotely open, close, and “lock down” any location. 


Benefits of Video Surveillance

Keep Assets Safe
Keep Operating Costs Down
Keep Up With Your Business




Twenty20’s video surveillance solutions are more efficient and 50% more cost-effective than on-site security.


Our AI platform helps identify true suspicious activity, decreasing the occurrence of false alarms and saving you time and money. The cameras are capable of monitoring 4x the area than a single security guard and give you the ability to monitor all sites at one time within a single, integrated system. Actionable insights and historical reports are made available via a web-based platform accessible with any smart device.

Twenty20 video surveillance solutions keep your site protected by alerting you to suspicious activity in real-time via our 24/7 monitoring center. Reduce the risk of theft and vandalism, enforce safety compliance regulations, and identify unsafe practices to reduce legal liability.

49% of local police departments in the US report using CCTV successfully.


Twenty20’s video surveillance solutions are flexible to keep up with you and your evolving business. Document site construction progression, worker activity, and secure project timelines with easily deployed surveillance solutions for your permanent or temporary needs. Connect additional sites as needed with surveillance solutions scalable to your business.

88% of security executives indicate their company is experiencing a dramatic increase in physical threat activity.
Surveillance camera monitoring usage resulted in a 51% decrease in crimes committed in parking lots.


85% of security executives said 2022 was a significant turning point in prioritizing physical security due to the unprecedented increase in physical threats.
A strong security camera systems plan with emphasis on video surveillance can help reduce threats of crime and vandalism.


Video surveillance is associated with a 16% reduction in crime.

Single-pane-of-glass viewing for all of your sites and solutions.


The Twenty20 Solutions Novus™ AIoT Platform offers you 24/7 protection for your site, equipment, and employees, giving you full, real-time visibility of your site and immediately alerting you to any suspicious activity, malfunctioning equipment or potential hazards. Twenty20 Solutions makes it easier than ever to deter theft and vandalism, protect your employees, and mitigate compliance risks, ensuring at all times that your facilities are secure and operating as mandated by NERC standards. Our “single pane” viewing makes remote monitoring easier than ever. View your site and equipment from any location using your smartphone, computer, or tablet, with a variety of connectivity options (Wi-Fi, LAN, satellite).


Questions about the Twenty20 Novus™ AIoT Platform? Learn more about the future of site security here.

Next Level Security with the Novus™ AIoT Platform

Twenty20 Solutions' Novus™ AIoT security, monitoring, and automation platform shown on a tablet
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