Business Intelligence

Make better decisions by leveraging data and analytics to gain a competitive advantage in your business

Make Smarter, Data-Driven Business Decisions

The automation and security technology solutions offered by Twenty20 provide rich data collected from your operating sites available to you via our cloud-based platform. Used effectively, this data can help your company make more accurate decisions based on real-time intelligence.

Twenty20 offers a variety of Business Intelligence solutions that allow your team to analyze the data collected and discover powerful, actionable insights that can change the way you do business. With Business Intelligence solutions from Twenty20, your team will have the tools needed to eliminate guesswork and make faster, more informed decisions about operations, suppliers, assets and performance risks that directly impact your company performance.


The Right Data Tools for Your Needs

Twenty20 Solutions offers three ways to gain access to your data insights and make them work for you.

Viewer Access

Pre-formatted reports are available to you via the Twenty20 cloud-based platform 24/7. You can download reports for one or multiple sites to analyze and compare.

Custom Access

Gain insights to optimize your business with this self-service analytics platform that allows you to perform custom queries to fully explore your data. Pull customized reports based on your unique business needs.

Data Mart

For companies who have their own Business Intelligence platforms, we can provide a data feed that allows third-party tools to connect to it. This will allow you to customize reports within your company’s data analytics tools and integrate with other business data you are tracking.

Gain insight needed to make faster, smarter business decisions
Track leading indicators to adjust operations to changing market conditions
Optimize operations by prioritizing resource allocation
Control costs while maintaining HSE standards
Novus™ Platform: Superior Visibility and Control Over Your Operations

Twenty20 pushes all information from your operations in real-time to our integrated web-based Novus™ platform, providing you accurate intelligence via any web-enabled device. Accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone, the dashboard gives you a single, integrated view into all your security operations, surveillance devices and access control resources no matter where you are located.  Your in-house security personnel can actively monitor locations, respond to system-generated events and alerts, or let the Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center (MMC)  provide support for you and your team. This unified perspective weaves together all monitoring and management capabilities for unprecedented synergies in the control of your remote facilities.