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Video surveillance and identification
Artificial Intelligence & Exception Management Protect against Theft & Vandalism

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center (MMC) provides 24/7 or off-hour support for your team to help you keep constant watch over your sites, even if you don't have the internal manpower to do so. Our trained monitoring professionals follow pre-defined escalation procedures to ensure your people and locations are kept secure. 


Our MMC support optimizes your site security by helping you monitor alerts and events, assess developing and ongoing situations, issue audio voice down, and communicate time-sensitive information to your team.

Man watching computer surveillance monitors

24/7 AI-Enabled Monitoring

Our remote monitoring team provides 24/7 proactive support and reduces security costs.

Man and Woman watching Security Monitors
Extend Your Security Team

On-site security guards are costly, provide limited effectiveness, and cannot secure all areas of a site at one time. Our trained monitoring professionals serve as extensions of your security team, ensuring your site and your people are always protected.

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center uses our proprietary web-based Novus™ platform to watch over all areas of your site simultaneously, at a fraction of the cost of on-site security. AI-enabled exception management greatly reduces time spent reviewing footage and instantly pushes notifications to both the monitoring team and your security teams.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Constant Protection

Twenty20’s remote monitoring solutions offer real-time theft and vandalism prevention to keep your site, equipment, and employees under constant protection. Our surveillance systems can reduce crime on your property by issuing remote voicedown warnings and alerting you to any suspicious activity.

Improve Efficiency

Our AI helps identify true suspicious activity, decreasing the occurrence of false alarms and saving you time and effort. Spend less time on non-threats and gain the ability to optimize your security strategy for whatever issues you face. 

Cover More with Less

Security guards are only able to cover limited areas. With video surveillance and monitoring combined, you can be assured that your sites will gain much greater security coverage, with no need to account for rest breaks or shifts coming to an end. 



Many businesses forego formal security and rely on staff for daytime monitoring, leaving facilities vulnerable during off-hours.

Cloud-based monitoring systems enable employees and managers to monitor their locations during both work and off-hours.


Security and access control systems are often segregated, leading to lack of insight into visitor and employee activities.

Integration of security and access control systems allows monitoring of employee and non-employee actions — based on a variety of exception criteria.

A centralized integrated system facilitates the monitoring of activities in different locations and across time zones, with real-time notification and response.

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