Remote Monitoring

Our team of virtual guards provides 24/7 or off-hour support and reduces security costs while increasing efficiency of your security efforts.

Virtual Protection Against Theft & Vandalism

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center (MMC) provides 24/7 or off-hour support for your team when you need to keep constant watch over your sites, but do not have the internal manpower to do so. Our trained monitoring professionals serve as extensions of your security team and follow pre-defined escalation procedures to ensure your people and locations are secure. We provide the following services to your company:

  • Monitor security alerts and events

  • Assess developing or ongoing situations

  • Issue audio voicedown to deter crime

  • Communicate time-sensitive information to your team

  • Make ongoing recommendations to optimize your site security

On-site security guards are costly, provide limited effectiveness and cannot secure all areas of a site at one time. Our trained monitoring professionals serve as extensions of your security team.

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center uses our proprietary web-based platform to watch over all areas of your site simultaneously. In fact, our virtual guards could monitor up to 200 cameras per month for less than the monthly cost of one on-site security guard.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

- Deter on-site theft and vandalism in real-time

- Reduce security costs by an average of 50% over on-site security guards

- Minimize downtime due to damaged equipment

- Improve operational efficiency with less time focused on losses

- Monitor 4x the area capable by a single security guard

- Reduce crime by issuing remote voice down warnings

-  Access video footage and detailed incident reports to provide to law enforcement and insurance providers

- Artificial Intelligence helps identify true suspicious activity by decreasing the occurrence of false alarms

Detect threats and security breaches before they occur
Real-time response to threats with audio and visual deterrance 
Immediate threat escalation to customer and law enforcement
Time sensitive alerts, updates and reporting, including video footage

Superior Visibility & Control Over Your Operations

Twenty20's MMC provides proactive event-based monitoring using our proprietary web-based platform that is accessible to all our customers. All information from your sites is pushed in real-time to our integrated online dashboard, where our team of security experts can actively monitor your locations and respond to system-generated events and alerts.

Event-based monitoring triggers alerts when a pre-defined event occurs. Twenty20 uses advanced video analytics to identify those events out of the constant live camera footage fed into our platform. Once an event is identified, our MMC staff determines if further action is needed and follows a pre-determined escalation plan to address the on-site breach.