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Person holding access card up to outdoor keypad,  illustrating digital, keyless access control

Access Control Systems

Our access control solution provides you with real-time control over who enters and exits your buildings or sites, with or without staff on location.

Security camera snapshot of vehicles passing through gates

Automated Access Control Solutions

Twenty20’s security access control solutions give you complete control over your facility’s access points, without the need to keep them staffed. Remotely manage entries and exits to multiple facilities or sites, 24/7 through a single hub. Our access control security systems are trusted by countless companies across the nation.

Our access control solutions ensure that only authorized personnel and approved visitors are ever allowed access to your facilities, keeping your site and employees safe and secure. When our access control installers are finished, you can remotely block access completely in case of emergencies and receive text or email notifications about access attempts, putting you in control no matter where you are.

Stand-alone access control systems that operate without power or connectivity

Extended range cellular, satellite or LAN connections

Integrated view of sites viewable 24/7 via web-based dashboard 

Real-time access to online video insights and historical reports 

Tractor Trailer Oil and Gas Trucks

Next Level Security in Action

Learn how a Fortune 1000 exploration and production company manages the access gate of 35,000 vehicles per year.


With gate access control, each crossing is captured by the gate controller logs and video surveillance records from the SiteWatch™ camera system covering the gate. By using any web-enabled device, anywhere on earth, this customer can now monitor and audit the comings and goings of employees, contractors, landowners, and visitors.


Benefits of Access Control

Keep Assets Safe

Twenty20 provides automated access control solutions tailored to fit your business requirements. Remotely manage access to multiple facilities and sites at any time, through one dashboard. Receive text or email notifications of access attempts and, in case of emergency, remotely block access to your sites.

Keep Operating Costs Down

Traditional access control solutions such as padlocks and keycards can represent a large expense, not to mention a headache for businesses. With the Twenty20 SmartLock™, you can unlock doors via any smart device or grant entry to authorized personnel from our platform, avoiding the need for expensive re-keying and eliminating the hassle of keycards.

Track Visitor Activity

Our Automated Access Control solutions log each entry and exit, keeping you in the know about who is where across all of your sites. All activity is catalogued via our Novus™ AIoT Platform, allowing you to track any suspicious activity. Combined with video surveillance, access control tracking keeps your sites and staff safer.