Access Control

Real-time control over who enters and exits your remote facilities, whether your locations are staffed or not.

Access Control for Remote Locations

Entry and exit points, such as vehicle and pedestrian gates, are frequently the most vulnerable points to security threats at remote locations. Keys can be lost, codes can be shared, gates can be crashed, but remote access control solutions from Twenty20 Solutions give you more advanced and secure control than ever before. Open, close, lock and monitor entry points from hundreds or even thousands of miles away, right from a desktop or mobile device.

Remote access solutions from Twenty20 not only reduce the risk of unauthorized site access, theft and vandalism, but they also provide detailed data-driven insights and reporting, allowing you to act quickly and with confidence to the needs of your business.

Twenty20 Solutions has an array of remote access control systems that fit your sites no matter where they are located. Our systems include access gates, keyless door entry systems and smart padlocks.

Access Gate Systems

Twenty20 offers both permanent and mobile gate systems with solar or electric power to work in both on- and off-grid environments. The GateWatch Remote Access System is a permanent, in-ground access control solution that gives you total control over who accesses your sites and when. The GateWatch is built to run on solar power, but can be easily connected to other power sources where available, making it ideal for a variety of remote facilities.

The GateWatch Mobile is a portable, skid-mounted access control solution that is ideal for temporary installations or deployment in locations where in-ground, permanent systems are not possible. The GateWatch Mobile is self-sufficient using a solar-powered battery, making it a perfect solution for a multitude of locations, including environmentally-sensitive areas, utility substations, disaster recovery sites, construction sites, parks and local landmarks.

All GateWatch systems log each entry and exit to your site, including the time and date and vehicle. Added features available include license plate recognition, photos of the visitor and call functionality to allow remote access to the site. Via Twenty20’s web-based platform, you can assign access to employees and vendors to your sites, open and close the gate remotely, see the gate in real-time and set up hold open schedules as needed.


Our smart padlock eliminates the challenges of securing access to your valuable assets and locations. Designed to work in environments with limited or no connectivity, the Twenty20 SmartLock works where other devices simply can’t.

Plus, managing access remotely for multiple users is a snap. The easy-to-use Twenty20 app gives you full control to set custom permissions and track access history so you have visibility to all your locks anytime, from anywhere. The Twenty20 SmartLock is a secure, reliable and cost-effective way to control access to your remote sites.

Keyless Door Entry Systems

Benefits of Access Control

- Track, record and deter access across your organization

- Restrict access to sensitive areas

- Reduce costs by up to 50% over on-site gate guards

- Time-stamped footage is stored and easily accessible for reports and site checks

- Edit, limit or revoke access in real-time online

- Remotely administer multiple facilities through one efficient interface

- Receive text or email notifications of access attempts

- Reduce downtime for contractors, allowing instant access to locations

- Avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves

- Fully integrates into existing access control systems or with other Twenty20 security systems

- Couple with surveillance cameras to allow visibility of visitor activity through entire site

Twenty20 Solutions offers credential options for any deployment

Phone or Mobile Device

Bluetooth connection transmits entry code; eliminates the cost of distributing key cards

Whether a building has heavy or little to no traffic, making sure the correct people are granted timely access while keeping out unwanted visitors is essential. Twenty20 offers remote acess management systems that allows you to control access to all of your facilities from a single system that is easy to manage for security administrators.

Through the Twenty20 online portal, you can grant and revoke access to users in real time. In addition, you can view detailed access history reports and images of all access-related events so you know that your people and assets are always secure.

Access Control Solutions
GateWatch™ System

A permanent, in-ground access control solution that gives you total control over who accesses your sites and when.

  • Operates on solar or line power

  • Supports multiple camera configurations

  • License plate recognition

  • Keypad or card entry access

  • Video intercom and remote open capabilities

  • Can retrofit existing gates

  • Ideal for permanent installations

GateWatch™ Mobile

A portable, skid-mounted access control solution that operates on solar power for use in off-grid environments with no connectivity or power.

  • Solar-powered battery operates normally with 5 days of no sun

  • Ingress/egress cameras

  • License plate recognition

  • Keypad or card entry access

  • Video intercom and remote open capabilities

  • 360° camera for overall view

  • Ideal for temporary deployments

Twenty20® SmartLock

A smart, cost-effective way to secure assets at your remote facilities instead of leaving them vulnerable or installing expensive gates.

  • Unlocks using a smart phone and the Twenty20 mobile app

  • Manage access remotely for multiple users

  • Retrofit existing lock systems without expensive equipment

  • Issue codes for one-time access

  • Ideal for remote sites with limited or no connectivity

Keyless Door Entry Systems

 Manage your building activity, employee access and reduce the risk of unauthorized entry, vandalism and theft.


  • Grant, revoke and manage access via our online platform

  • Integrates into existing access control and security systems

  • Multiple entry credential options: keypad, card, mobile phone

  • Ideal for office buildings and permanent structures

Stand-alone systems that operate without power or connectivity
Extended range cellular, satellite or LAN connections
Integrated view of sites viewable 24/7 via web-based dashboard 
Real-time access to online video insights and access reports 

Superior Visibility & Control Over Your Operations

Twenty20 pushes all information from your operations in real-time to our integrated web-based dashboard, providing you accurate intelligence via any web-enabled device. Accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone, the dashboard gives you a single, integrated view into all your securty operations, surveillance devices and access control resources no matter where you are located.

Through the Twenty20 dashboard, you see who is at your remote location and take action based on who it is, without a gate guard or any human intervention at all. If you have a monitored system, one tap or click allows entry/exit to authorized individuals. With automated systems, individuals gain entry using one of several credentialing methods such as vehicle RFID tags, license plate recognition, Bluetooth readers or more traditional keypad or card systems.

Your in-house security personnel can actively monitor locations, respond to system-generated events and alerts, or let the Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center (MMC)  provide support for you and your team. This unified perspective weaves together all monitoring and management capabilities for unprecedented synergies in the control of your remote facilities.