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Twenty20 IP Cameras

Through artificial intelligence, Twenty20 IP cameras provide automatic detection and capture of faces, people, and vehicles, allowing security teams to focus on the real threats.

Quickly access event-specific footage remotely or stream live HD video

Live Video

Exception management reduces false security positives, improving overall site monitoring

AI-Enhanced Monitoring

Track visitors, vehicles, and activities with events automatically tagged by type in the Novus™ AIoT Platform

Event Tracking & Cataloging

Remote team immediately responds to security events by contacting the proper authorities

Incident Response & Reporting

View cameras and automation solutions from anywhere via the Novus™ AIoT Platform

Site Control From Anywhere

Deter unauthorized access, vandalism, and theft

Deter Crime

Tough construction enables our equipment to stand up to remote environments and harsh conditions

Ruggedized Construction

Observe video feeds from anywhere with your smart device

Mobile Device Support

Twenty20 cameras can be a valuable addition to your organization's security approach. Our OnVif®-compliant hardware ensures easier installation and streamlined integration with existing equipment in addition to our Novus™ AIoT Platform.

Protecting People, Property, Assets, & Data

Large indoor greenhouse cannabis grow facility with grow lights, fans for air circulation, and marijuana plants in grow medium

Video Surveillance and Access Control for Cannabis Processing Operation

A California-based cannabis processing company poised for expansion faced high theft risk and stringent state requirements for security and access to product. After a thorough project discovery and security audit, Twenty20 Solutions proposed and deployed comprehensive, integrated video surveillance and access control solutions to meet their needs.


Bullet Camera

Rugged, waterproof, and easily mounted to walls, ceilings, or poles, the Twenty20 Bullet Camera is a flexible choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Increase perimeter protection and improve monitoring capabilities, all with a quick, simple installation.

Twenty20 bullet security camera with transparent background

Dome Camera

Highly visible and built to last, the Twenty20 Dome Camera enables a 360 degree, unparalleled view of any area, day or night. Sturdy construction and night vision ensure suspicious activity is captured and catalogued within the Novus™ AIoT Platform.

Twenty20 dome security camera with transparent background

Easily view site video feeds and solutions from anywhere, at anytime.

The Twenty20 Solutions Novus™ AIoT Platform offers you 24/7 protection for your site, equipment, and employees, giving you full, real-time visibility of your site and immediately alerting you to any suspicious activity, malfunctioning equipment or potential hazards. Twenty20 Solutions makes it easier than ever to deter theft and vandalism, protect your employees, and mitigate compliance risks, ensuring at all times that your facilities are secure and operating as mandated by NERC standards. Our “single pane” viewing makes remote monitoring easier than ever. View your site and equipment from any location using your smartphone, computer, or tablet, with a variety of connectivity options (Wi-Fi, LAN, satellite).


Questions about the Twenty20 Novus™ AIoT Platform? Learn more about the future of site security here.

Next Level Security with the Novus™ AIoT Platform

Twenty20 Solutions' Novus™ AIoT security, monitoring, and automation platform shown on a tablet

PTZ Camera

The Twenty20 PTZ, or Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera is a responsive, precise option for both indoor and outdoor applications. Moving automatically to track objects of interest, the PTZ Camera enables intelligent, real-time video surveillance with greater capture of critical details.

Twenty20 PTZ security camera with transparent background