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Gain total control over your sites and equipment to maximize operational productivity and efficiency.

Twenty20 Solutions' Novus™ AIoT security, monitoring, and automation platform shown on a tablet

Simplified Management for Industrial & Remote Sites

Companies with operations in remote locations need a way to monitor and automate their equipment and assets. However, when few or no employees are on-site, there is next to no insight into the performance of these remote operations, creating an increased risk of unidentified equipment errors, process failures, and maintenance issues that could lead to expensive repairs and hazardous conditions. In some cases, operations may use traditional SCADA systems, but are faced with the limited capabilities and bandwidth they offer.

Better control of remote operations, using fewer resources

Automated, preventive actions to reduce downtime and outages

Programmed actuation with equipment and system shut-off settings

Automated push alerts to text, email or other systems

police/law enforcement officer on radio

Next Level Security in Action

Technology Saves Lives: The Benefits of AI-Powered Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI)

Over the past several decades, gun-related crime has become a critical issue for our communities. In the United States alone, more than 700 people lost their lives to active shooter situations in 2021. Thankfully, technology is on our side: ASLI automatically detects and responds to active shooter events, notifying law enforcement at a moment's notice.


Our plug-and-play solutions can be integrated into your existing automated systems to provide more robust capabilities, or built from the ground up for complete, turnkey security and automation.


Twenty20 integrates sensors, gauges, and devices to provide data telemetry and real-time information. Take full control of operating pumps, tank levels and pressures, valve openings/closures, and critical functions. SCADA-as-a-Service can integrate with existing SCADA devices and protocols or serve as a standalone platform.

Saltwater Disposal Automation

Twenty20’s superior automation technology gives unprecedented visibility and access to SWD operations. You can monitor and control every aspect of your site operations, enabling more efficiency, accuracy, and safety. Our technology gives you the ability to remotely operate pumps and valves, change pump speeds, update setpoints and more, ultimately reducing the need for on-site management. Twenty20 automation solutions also reduce the risk of equipment failure, decrease maintenance costs, and minimize safety issues. 

Site Integration

The Twenty20 team brings online fully automated remote sites. The team conducts site surveys, recommends and procures sensors and devices, programs and designs HMIs and automation panels, and provides connectivity to stand up remote operations smoothly and efficiently. With Twenty20, you can rely on one partner to automate and optimize your sites so they stay running properly and efficiently.

Manual process management necessitates minimum staffing levels for operational continuity.
Automation enables operational control with reduced headcount and/or off-hour operations. 
Manual processes create inefficiency, uncertainty, and risk with regard to critical task management.
Automation provides valuable "if this, than that" functionality to operations, reducing human error and the potential for health, safety, and environmental incidents.

Automation can aid security and access control through rules-based permissions management.

Automation can aid security and access control through rules-based permissions management.

Twenty20 SiteWatch™ Mobile all-in-one hardware solution (trailer, cameras, generator, solar panel, etc.) on a road in front of the Grand Canyon

Automated Solutions Where You Need Them Most

Twenty20 Solutions provides systems, technologies, and services required to automate operations at even the most remote locations, regardless of electrical infrastructure or available connectivity. This opens up a whole new world of monitoring and automation at locations where you need it most. Designed for harsh, isolated, and off-grid locations, our solutions deliver the bandwidth and power you need for optimum visibility and control of facilities located hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Single-pane-of-glass viewing for all of your sites and solutions.


The Twenty20 Solutions Novus™ AIoT Platform offers you 24/7 protection for your site, equipment, and employees, giving you full, real-time visibility of your site and immediately alerting you to any suspicious activity, malfunctioning equipment or potential hazards. Twenty20 Solutions makes it easier than ever to deter theft and vandalism, protect your employees, and mitigate compliance risks, ensuring at all times that your facilities are secure and operating as mandated by NERC standards. Our “single pane” viewing makes remote monitoring easier than ever. View your site and equipment from any location using your smartphone, computer, or tablet, with a variety of connectivity options (Wi-Fi, LAN, satellite).


Questions about the Twenty20 Novus™ AIoT Platform? Learn more about the future of site security here.

Next Level Security with the Novus™ AIoT Platform

Twenty20 Solutions' Novus™ AIoT security, monitoring, and automation platform shown on a tablet


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