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Video & Access Control for Electric Utility Company

Background An electric company operating within the southeastern United States purchases power at wholesale and distributes it to over 500,000 customers. The company manages multiple energy properties, including several substation and transmission facilities, in order to provide reliable energy to its customers.

Man in safety vest and hard hat working on a tablet, with electric substation equipment in the background

Challenges Having already been in operation for several decades, the company faced problems from aging video surveillance and access control systems. The company's outdated equipment and servers lacked the ability to provide comprehensive security and were set to eventually violate video security regulations mandated for utilities operating in the state. Solution Twenty20 Solutions put together a complete security package for the company that involved new cameras, access control hardware, network servers, and software.

Access control solutions were upgraded across a total of seven district office locations for the company as the first part of a three-phase installation. Video surveillance and thermal imaging (to monitor rate of rise and overall temperatures of sensitive equipment) were installed in all forty-five substation locations managed by the company. Access control solutions were also later added to all substation gates and buildings, with the system designed to utilize the company's existing internet circuits at each location in order to centralize recordings while retaining critical redundancy features.

Benefits & Value

Comprehensive Solution With the company's aging infrastructure creating multiple holes in their security approach, Twenty20 was able to address the varying issues with integrated, comprehensive solutions, that allowed for much greater ease in installation and use.

Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure Twenty20's ability to integrate our equipment and technology with the company's existing internet infrastructure saved them valuable time and money that would have gone to setting up new circuits and internet services.

Greater Monitoring Ability Thermal imaging and video surveillance greatly improved the performance monitoring of the company's equipment, leading to fewer incidents of damage caused by high temperatures.

Conclusion The company immediately saw an improved level of security and monitoring at their various offices and utility sites. Significant cost savings were also noted, with permanent access control solutions removing the need for physical lock and key hardware, and the ability to grant entry to staff and visitors remotely removing the need for an in-person greeter. The improved overall security strategy of the company allowed its staff to better focus on providing reliable energy for its customers.


About Twenty20 Solutions

Twenty20 is a single-source provider of comprehensive security solutions. With an innovative AI-powered technology suite, hybrid IoT, Cloud and Edge computing platform, and fully automated, real-time, bi-directional hardware control, we develop solutions tailored to your security needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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