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Mobile Video Surveillance Solutions for Top Energy Exploration Company


A large, private energy exploration and production company based in Midland, TX has operations spanning more than 350,000 acres, the second-largest land position in the region.


A large, private energy exploration and production company based in Midland, Texas has operations covering more than 350,000 acres, making it the second-largest land position and one of the largest employers in the region. In mid-2018, the company sought a partner to increase its overall site security at nearly two-dozen locations throughout the Permian Basin. These sites, many with marginal or intermittent power and connectivity, had standalone security solutions of varying types and degrees. A mix of suppliers, services, internal and external administrators and functionalities made it nearly impossible for the security, safety and leadership teams to effectively manage or monitor their systems from remote or off-site locations. We proposed an enterprise solution to secure all customer locations, update their internal corporate Video Surveillance Network (VSN) and connect and integrate all sites to a single-pane view on the Twenty20 dashboard.


Following a thorough project discovery, design and proposal process, the company selected Twenty20 Solutions as the prime contractor and systems integrator for the project. We improved the customer’s safety and security visibility with installation of 196 HD surveillance cameras, 16 automated and monitored vehicle gates and five controlled pedestrian gates at 21 separate locations, all connected via our Remote Computing Unit that communicates real-time data via our customer online dashboard. Our ability to deliver a turnkey solution at scale, while maintaining organizational and user-specific customization, made this possible. We leveraged partnerships with experts at Axis Communications, LiftMaster Gates and NextGen Security to deliver a complete, reliable and technologically-advanced solution for today, with underlying platform and network design to scale into the future.

Our deep expertise in supporting remote or “off-grid” locations allowed our engineers to quickly deliver dependable and uninterrupted video surveillance and gate access to “edge” properties – locations at the far reach of existing power and communications infrastructure. These edge sites required solar-powered systems to stabilize the power infrastructure and existing cellular networks to reinforce the connectivity at each location. Finally, by partnering with NextGen Security, we took advantage of industry-leading Genetech Access Control technology to help secure facilities and headquarters buildings. Each employee was issued the appropriate HID/Bluetooth access ID, making the Twenty20 system the standard across all locations.

Finally, we initiated – and continue to provide – manned video monitoring services for the customer. From our Manned Monitoring Center (MMC), we actively monitor edge properties and provide early warning to management so they can direct the proper organizational or law enforcement resource toward identified activity.

Benefits & Values

Fully Integrated Enterprise Solution Twenty20 implemented complete security and access control solutions for 21 locations all visible via our online customer dashboard.​

Enhanced Access Management We introduced an Enterprise access control system for both remote locations and company headquarters, all easily managed via a single system.​

Real-Time Access to Data Analytics Customer can audit the activity to and from their multiple sites remotely from any device and can pull access reports directly from the unified system.


Integrating the cameras, gate controllers and door access systems at 21 locations into a single platform allowed managers to view, regulate and control every aspect of their security system. Users can view and audit historical access logs for doors and gates, as well as remotely open, close and “lock down” any location. Additionally, with all 1,335 employees registered and credentialed, the company better manages and controls permissions by employee, location and group hierarchies. The operations management teams are able to view video and manage camera systems through the Twenty20 dashboard. Users can view specific events, adjust camera motion zones and analytics remotely, and run reports of various event types and locations directly from the dashboard. ​The successful delivery of this enterprise-wide surveillance and access control solution set the foundation for our continued relationship for years to come.

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