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White pickup truck approaching a vehicle entrance gate, with a keypad/code and fence visible on either side

License Plate Recognition

Cloud-based LPR solution works with almost any camera, providing you simple, rapid deployment and faster ROI.

LPR enables automatic vehicle entry via AI-enabled license plate detection and recognition when used with access control solutions.
Restricted/Permitted lists simplify and automate access control while improving site visitor analytics.
Detect and prevent unauthorized vehicle entry. Capture valuable photo and video footage as well as vehicle details in a searchable database.
Vehicle make, model, and color details speed up forensic research and enable intelligent vehicle tracking.

Monitor vehicles and grant access automatically to authorized visitors.


Ultimate Deployment Flexibility

Watch LPR in Action    →

LPR runs in the cloud on virtually any camera or can be deployed using specifically-designed edge devices. Our solutions can even operate wirelessly, bringing License Plate Recognition solutions to the most challenging security environments.

Black crossover car approaching a closed vehicle entrance gate, software detecting vehicle and reading license plate number
AI-Enabled Access Control

Twenty20 offers a smarter approach to vehicle-based access control.

Our AI-enabled LPR solution leverages Restricted and/or Permitted lists to fully automate barrier systems, while providing complete visibility to all sites from a single platform. 


Our classification and smart-search capabilities greatly simplify the process of tracking down specific vehicles, particularly across multiple sites.

Stand-alone systems operate without power or connectivity

Extended range cellular, satellite, or LAN connections available

Integrated view of sites viewable 24/7 via web-based dashboard 

Real-time access to online video insights and historical reports 

Tractor Trailer Oil and Gas Trucks parked outside a refinery or petrochemical facility

Next Level Security in Action

Learn how a Fortune 1000 exploration and production company manages 35,000 vehicle entries per year.


With gate access control, each crossing is captured and logged via video surveillance records from the Twenty20 SiteWatch™ camera system covering the gate. By using any web-enabled device, anywhere on earth, this customer is now able to monitor and audit the comings and goings of employees, contractors, landowners, and visitors.

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