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SiteWatch™ Express DIY

All-in-one portable video surveillance solution designed for do-it-yourself installation.


cannabis operation
Next Level Security in Action

Cannabis operations of all kinds must implement varying levels of security in order to stay in business. Government regulations, while varying from state to state, will typically mandate some level of video surveillance, live or AI-enabled monitoring, and strict access control to keep unauthorized parties out of growing and processing facilities. 


Twenty20 Solutions provides several key security services for businesses in the cannabis sector, allowing operators to focus on their operations and revenue creation.


Reduce theft and vandalism and keep your assets safe

Reduce Theft

Set up automated push alerts to text or email systems

HD Videos

Set up automated push alerts to text or email systems

Push Alerts

Choose from various options and add-ons including cameras, microphones, and more

Configurable Equipment

Actionable insights and historical reports available online

Online Reporting

View one or multiple locations all within a single system

Scalability For All Sizes

Visibility to your sites from any computer, tablet, or smartphone via our web-based platform

IoT Device Compatibility

Multiple mounting options such as magnetic, pole, wall, etc. available

Mounting Flexibility

License Plate Recognition (LPR) available to monitor who is entering and exiting your locations

License Plate Recognition

Solar and wired options available; quick-connect 110 VAC power cable included

Power Flexibility

The SiteWatch™ Express DIY packs many features into one conveniently-sized package. See how your business can utilize this flexible DIY solution to secure your sites and assets.

Benefits of SiteWatch™ Express DIY




2. Portability

Compact design weighs less than 30 pounds

1. Easy Installation

Designed for do-it-yourself installation in under 30 minutes

3. Camera Options

HD, 360°, infrared, and more camera options available to suit varying needs


4. Shooter Detection

Optional ASLI add-on detects and warns of active shooters with extreme accuracy

1. HD Cameras Arrays

From PTZ to thermal and radar cameras, the SiteWatch™ Mobile comes equipped to monitor any site.

2. Telescoping Mast

Collapsible mast rapidly deploys to greatly increase viewing area. Manual and electric options available.

3. Edge Device

Manage cameras and monitor equipment status remotely via the Novus™ platform.

4. Solar Array

Self-powered solar system with generator backup, allowing for flexible placement without requiring power sources.

5. Trailer-mounted

Easily packed up, transported, and deployed to even the most remote and rugged locations.

6. Backup Generator

Backup generator ensures power, even during inclement weather.

Reduce costs by up to 50% over on-site security guards


25 lbs.

Compact and weighs less than 25 pounds for easy installation and installs in under 30 minutes

SiteWatch™ Express DIY

The SiteWatch™ Express DIY is a complete security system housed in a conveniently sized and portable package, enabling rapid deployment and easy installation. The kit comes ready to install out of the box; simply mount the unit and power up for nearly instant surveillance capability. With its compact size, the all-in-one solution can also be moved in a snap to accommodate any changes to your security needs.

Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI)

Looking for active threat monitoring for your sites in addition to camera surveillance and event flagging? Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI) is an optional add-on to the SiteWatch™ Express DIY that ensures holistic threat detection, with any and all gunshot events immediately identified and appropriate steps taken automatically depending on the site owner’s instructions.

ASLI functionality adds a highly sensitive microphone to the DIY system. Twenty20’s AI-enabled technology allows the system to distinguish non-issue noises such as fireworks or car engines from active gunfire. When gunshots occur, the system immediately records the event, identifying the approximate size of the firearm and (in the case of PTZ models) even swiveling the camera to capture video of the perpetrator and any getaway vehicles. Combined with Facial Recognition and License Plate Recognition, ASLI capabilities represent a huge benefit to both property owners and law enforcement with hugely increased awareness of the details of an active shooter situation, and greatly increased chances of capturing evidence that can lead to an identification.

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