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Twenty20 SmartLock™

The secure, reliable and cost-effective way to control access to your remote assets.


arial view of construction site
Real-Time Protection, At a Moment's Notice

Learn how a construction company used the Twenty20 video surveillance solution to successfully respond to security threats on a number of occasions.


Using the Twenty20 video footage, an employee was charged with four felonies. The value of recovered equipment and prevention of future thefts by the same employee far exceeded the cost of implementing the Twenty20 video surveillance solution.


Reduce theft and vandalism and keep your assets safe

Reduce Theft

Historical reports of all access events available online

Online Reporting

Set up automated push alerts to text or email systems

Push Alerts

Works in conjunction with cameras to provide easily accessible time-stamped reports

Time-Stamped Footage

Reduce downtime for contractors by easily providing instant access to locations

Keypad or Card Entry Access

Bluetooth low-energy technology allows mobile app to interact with lock without Internet access

Mobile App

Avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves or keys are lost

Save on Keys

Issue single-use codes for one-time access

One-Time Access

Grant edit, or revoke access to your sites in real-time online

Real-Time Access

Remotely administer multiple facilities through one efficient interface

Multiple Facility Management

The Twenty20 Solutions SmartLock™ enables you to secure your property and assets with a much greater level of customization and flexibility. With the AI-enabled Novus™ platform integrated, you can ensure that all entries to your site are approved and recorded.

Benefits of SmartLock™




1. Two Models

Shrouded and unshrouded versions suit varying needs


3. Rugged Build

Weather-proof, tamper- and water-resistant design stands up to rough conditions

2. Digital Unlock

Reduce the hassle of keys with the ability to unlock via any smart device

4. Entry Tracking

Unlock history automatically tracked and catalogued in the Novus™ online platform

1. HD Cameras Arrays

From PTZ to thermal and radar cameras, the SiteWatch™ Mobile comes equipped to monitor any site.

2. Telescoping Mast

Collapsible mast rapidly deploys to greatly increase viewing area. Manual and electric options available.

3. Edge Device

Manage cameras and monitor equipment status remotely via the Novus™ platform.

4. Solar Array

Self-powered solar system with generator backup, allowing for flexible placement without requiring power sources.

5. Trailer-mounted

Easily packed up, transported, and deployed to even the most remote and rugged locations.

6. Backup Generator

Backup generator ensures power, even during inclement weather.

Weatherproof and tamper-resistant, featuring military-grade AES 128-bit encryption



Individual trackable “key” per lock, per user

Twenty20 SmartLock™

Built for professionals and designed for rugged, off-grid locations, the water-resistant, impact-resistant Twenty20 SmartLock™ immediately increases your asset protection by creating an audit trail of access information. Control your lock with your smartphone — even in areas without cellular connectivity. With no more lost or forgotten keys or shared combination codes, the Twenty20 SmartLock™ is light-years ahead of obsolete padlocks.

​ Flexible Access Control

With the Twenty20 SmartLock™, you have total control over who opens your locks. From the Twenty20 web-based dashboard, you can authorize or deauthorize users with ease. You don’t even need the lock in your possession to program it — you control it all remotely through the dashboard. The user’s name, timestamp and GPS location is recorded every time a lock is opened or closed so you have a full audit trail for each lock that you can view anytime, from anywhere.

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