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Cannabis Grow Facility Security

Theft and vandalism of plants have always been a concern among cannabis grow operators. But there are many other additional operational risks that cannabis business owners should be paying close attention to.

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High among the risk factors are fire and explosions. A 2014 study in Colorado, where both growing and smoking cannabis is legal, reported 32 incidents of exploding butane hash-oil extractions. In 2019, insurance companies recognized the severe costs of fire and explosions in the processing of cannabis. These types of disasters are both dangerous and financially devastating.

Worker Safety

Besides the danger to the physical plant and surrounding buildings, worker safety is also an issue. Workers are subject to exposure to plant growth stimulants like pesticides and fertilizers. The sulfur dioxide used as a fumigant may cause respiratory difficulties. Carbon dioxide may result in asphyxiation. The need for high humidity coupled with plant transpiration creates an environment ripe for mold and mildew. These conditions lead to lung ailments and deterioration of the building’s walls and insulation.

Importance of Cannabis Grow Facility Security and Automation

Cannabis is a rapidly expanding, competitive market. Whether you are a producer or a retailer, it is important to have state-of-the-art security. As a starting point, you need to develop a security plan for your facility. An experienced security, automation and smart surveillance provider such as Twenty20 Solutions can help you design a customized system that meets your business needs and legal requirements. It will also provide the systems, technologies and services required to automate your operations at even most remote locations, regardless of electrical infrastructure or available connectivity. This opens up a whole new world of monitoring and automation to reduce operational risks and minimize costs.

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Tips for Securing Cannabis Growth Facility from Your Peers

Cannabis Business Times surveyed several grow operations experts searching for practical tips for cannabis growers. Here are some of their tips.

  1. Choose the system that’s right for your business. There is no one-size-fits-all security system. Know your needs. Talk to experts in the cannabis security field.

  2. Look for a company that offers both security and compliance. When you are running a cannabis business, your security system must be tailored to your need to monitor and safeguard your product. But, it must also ensure that there is a compliance verification system for the state in which your grow operation resides.

  3. Spread the word. Tell everyone about your grow facility security. This includes service providers, management, employees, clients, and visitors. Describe security protocols on your company’s website. Deterrence is your best goal.

  4. Place cameras at eye level instead of up high—both inside and outside. You’ll get a much better facial shot.

  5. Make sure that your grow facility security has been installed by technicians with experience in the regulations for your state.

  6. Does the company know how to comply with local rules regarding things like off-site storage and recorded video?

  7. Be obvious about your security system. Many times, the sheer formidability of a good system acts as a deterrent to thieves. They will always take the path of least resistance and go somewhere with an inferior security system.

  8. Don’t look for a general security company. Find one that specializes in cannabis operation security. Find a company that is knowledgeable, experienced, and enthusiastic about protecting cannabis enterprises.

  9. Look for monitoring options that fit the risks of your business.

  10. Find a security plan upon which you can build as you expand your operation.

  11. Establish a plan that exceeds minimum state compliance. That way, you are ready for projected changes.

  12. Make sure the security company knows where bulky items might obstruct cameras. Smart placement enhances the full view of your stock.

  13. Camera surveillance pays for itself. This is not an area to be frugal. Opt for round-the-clock camera coverage. Constant monitoring provides maximum insurance.

  14. Focus on early detection. Make sure exterior cameras provide real-time notifications to several people as well as to any off-site video-monitoring service being used.

  15. Assess which assets are most appealing to thieves. Put your best surveillance there.

  16. Make storage a priority. The finished product should be safeguarded just like you’d do with precious jewelry. With this extra precaution, even if thieves penetrate the building, your product will be safe.

  17. Establish a first hurdle against thieves and looters by installing a high, heavy-duty security fence. Consider adding concrete bollards, strobe lights, and high decibel alarms. The noise and light will discourage many would-be invaders.

  18. Include both audio and video cameras in your security plan. Thieves often assess a property before breaking in. This system should be placed in such a way that you can see who is lingering nearby.

  19. Sadly, in a lucrative business like cannabis grow facility, internal thieves are an even bigger risk than strangers. Yet, most security systems are set up to catch external thefts. Establish a system that has both internal and external protocols.

  20. Your grow operation uses more cash sales than many other businesses. Handling cash makes it easier for employees to skim. Don’t make it easy for them. Eliminate the temptation by having protocols in place in your security plan. Good choices are restricted access and individual security codes that are private and changed often.

  21. It’s a fact. Most break-ins occur at night. Thieves have gotten creative using technology to detect and disarm security systems and entering from soft spots like the roof. Use this information to beef up your security plan.

  22. Have in place well-established and clearly understood procedures that will aid in discovering losses and identifying the culprit immediately. This will dissuade most inside jobs.

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Twenty20 Solutions' Services

In protecting your valuable assets, constant vigilance is crucial. There are many reasons to choose Twenty20 Solutions for your grow facility security.

Experts in Surveillance Technology and Solutions

No matter where you are located, we provide automation and security technology for your business. We are leaders in smart surveillance and access control. Our security technology serves both on and off-the-grid grow facilities. We can provide real-time, actionable data to aid in security decision making.


Security is expensive. But the cost pales in comparison to breaches in your grow operation’s assets. Our company reduces the risk of attacks on your business. At the same time, we streamline your operations and offer ongoing customer service to ensure your systems are working for you around the clock.

Focus on Business

Our security measures protect your valuable crop and make your business run more smoothly while reducing needless expenses.

For more information from our experienced, knowledgeable technicians or for a free estimate on how to customize the security of your cannabis grow facility, contact us today!


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