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Automation Technologies

At Twenty20 Solutions, we’ve developed essential technologies to make widespread automation possible at your remote operations.

Twenty20 Unified Dashboard

Twenty20 Solutions gives you a single, comprehensive view into your remote operations. This unified dashboard provides all the functionality required to monitor and control your security, access control and automation measures. With this cross-functionality, you can increase your insights and control with more intelligence than ever before from any web-enabled device.


Your automated system indicates a chemical tank level reached its pre-set low-level alert more quickly than expected. Maybe your technician sped up the pump rate, or maybe it’s theft. Checking tank levels in the same dashboard as surveillance video can provide fast visual verification of what’s going on. With integrated services aligned in one dashboard, it’s the next-best thing to physically being on the ground at your remote locations.

Remote Computing Unit

Our Remote Computing Units (RCUs) provide real-time, two-way communication between field devices – such as sensors, gauges, cameras, radar units and access control stations – and both your command center and Twenty20 dashboard. The proprietary Edge Procession Unit (EPU) prioritizes data transmissions, saving bandwidth and power consumption, so you can view historical and real-time information without incurring expensive data fees.

Extended Range Cellular

Twenty20 utilizes proprietary technology to pull in cellular connectivity even in areas where cellular phone coverage is weak or unreliable. Connectivity in the most isolated environments, combined with solar power systems and battery monitoring technology, make Twenty20’s solutions ideal for remote locations.

Automated Ticketing System for Saltwater Disposal (SWD) Sites

Twenty20 Solutions has developed a comprehensive electronic ticketing system specifically for saltwater disposal (SWD) facilities to eliminate inefficient data entry processes and manual forms. Through a series of required questions, our system collects driver information and essential haul data, then makes it immediately available online for faster and more accurate processing, invoicing and reporting. The system also allows for automatic P-18 Form generation, minimizing errors and reducing staff time to adhere to regulatory requirements.

Integration and Custom Solutions

Do you need your remote site data integrated into your fusion center? Need to connect with third parties such as the Railroad Commission of Texas or TexNet? Would automation improve the effectiveness of your ticketing process? Twenty20’s highly experienced team of in-house developers can deliver solutions specific to your business case.

Saltwater Disposal Site Automation

Case Studies

Surveillance & Access Control

  • Fortune 1000 E&P operator
  • Challenge: Theft, vandalism and illegal dumping on remote sites
  • Solutions: Video surveillance provides evidence to offset liability and push costs to appropriate parties

Video Surveillance & Automation

  • Midstream Saltwater Disposal Operator
  • Challenge: Modernizing industrial and accounting processes with automation
  • Solution: Advanced automation platform integrated into new and existing operations via SCADA network

Operations & Security Monitoring

  • Oil and gas company developing new acreage
  • Challenge: Monitoring operations and security system remotely from Midland, TX HQ
  • Solution: Comprehensive video surveillance and SCADA/automation system