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Automation Services

Implementing automation and control for new sites and retrofitting existing facilities like salt water disposal wells, natural gas loading stations or agriculture operations, can pay off drastically.


While automation services on their own can radically improve the efficiency of your operations at remote facilities, just imagine what your business could do with the integration of automation, monitoring, surveillance and access control systems all in one, unified Twenty20 platform.


Let’s say a tanker truck arrives at your secure, unmanned facility hundreds of miles away. Pulling up to the automated vehicle access gate, the driver must verify his identity via a Twenty20 authentication system. Video surveillance feeds provide another layer of security, recording the driver’s image and checking the vehicle’s license plate against an authorized entry list. Once on the property, the truck needs to offload its cargo into one of three tanks. Sensors previously identified the first two tanks as full, and the system automatically closed the access gates and valves leading to these tanks. Traffic signals are adjusted, directing the driver to the third tank, where the cargo is safely offloaded.


This is just one of hundreds or even thousands of processes in your remote operations that can be made hyper-efficient and more secure with integrated, automated services from Twenty20 Solutions.


Twenty20 integrates sensors, gauges and devices to provide data telemetry and real-time information. Take full control of operating pumps, tank levels and pressures, valve openings/closures and critical functions. SCADA-as-a-Service can integrate with existing SCADA devices and protocols or serve as a standalone platform.

Site Integration

The Twenty20 team brings online fully automated remote sites. The team conducts site surveys, recommends and procures sensors and devices, programs and designs HMIs and automation panels, and provides connectivity to stand up remote operations smoothly and efficiently. With Twenty20, you can rely on one partner to automate and optimize your sites.

Saltwater Disposal Automation

Twenty20’s superior automation technology gives unprecedented visibility and access to SWD operations. You can monitor and control every aspect of your site operations, enabling more efficiency, accuracy and safety. Our technology gives you the ability to remotely operate pumps and valves, change pump speeds, update setpoints and more, ultimately reducing the need for on-site management. Twenty20 automation solutions also reduce the risk of equipment failure, decrease maintenance costs and minimize safety issues. Other features and benefits of our SWD automation solutions include:

  • Custom dashboard provides visibility to all facilities in one view from any web-enabled device – the data you want is always available in real-time.
  • Two-way communication allows you to control all operations, including pumps, remotely – changes are immediately updated on site.
  • Automated safety settings means decreased risk of leaks and spills.
  • Electronic ticketing system for drop-off facilities reduces driver time on site, increases accuracy of information, and automates invoicing and regulatory report processing.
  • Surveillance and access control add increased security against theft and environmental safety issues
  • Customizable alerts sent via text or email give immediate visibility to urgent issues even when no one is on site.
  • Superior customer support – we offer remote and on-site support to ensure that your sites are always running properly and efficiently.

Saltwater Disposal Site Automation

Case Studies

Nationwide Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Leading Drilling Services Company
  • Challenge: Theft of high-value assets at remote, unmanned storage yards and warehouses
  • Solution: Intrusion detection system has identified dozens of break-ins and helped local law enforcement prosecute criminals

Integrated Security & Monitoring

  • Large E&P operator in the Permian Basin
  • Challenge: Securing both corporate offices and remote sites
  • Solution: Facility security for 1,335 employees and early warning and alert management for isolated well sites

Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Large Electrical Utility
  • Challenge: Increased thefts during construction at substations
  • Solution: Video surveillance has stopped thefts and led to multiple arrests

Video Surveillance & Automation

  • Midstream Saltwater Disposal Operator
  • Challenge: Modernizing industrial and accounting processes with automation
  • Solution: Advanced automation platform integrated into new and existing operations via SCADA network