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Real-Time Construction Site Protection, At a Moment's Notice

Background Construction companies rarely have extra time to plan before starting a project. Once they win a job, their work typically starts within a few weeks. That was case time and time again for an engineering and construction company. They needed mobile security systems that could be delivered at a moment’s notice, and their previous security provider was not able to provide skid-mounted security solutions quickly enough to meet project timelines. The company tasked Twenty20 Solutions to provide quick-deploy video surveillance and hardware to get their site secured as quickly as possible and avoid further theft attempts.

Aerial view of massive construction with with multiple multi-story buildings in development

Challenges For construction sites, any amount of downtime for security equipment represents a huge risk. Thieves are drawn to the sites at off-hours due to the presence of valuable tools and equipment, often left unattended as workers leave for the night. Vandals may also damage equipment or vandalize built structures. Without proper monitoring and live notifications, it can be trivial for these wrongdoers to enter construction sites, which are often open access or secured by light, easily-jumped fencing. Solution Using Twenty20's video surveillance solutions and hardware, the company has successfully responded to security threats on a number of occasions. In one case, a company employee was caught accessing the site after hours – stealing generators and other equipment. Using the video footage captured on our cameras as evidence, the employee was eventually charged with four felonies. The value of recovered equipment and prevention of future thefts by the same employee far exceeded the cost of implementing the Twenty20 video surveillance solution.

Benefits & Values

Rapid Deployment The company was able to have their security equipment up and running in only a few days. This minimized the time the site spent vulnerable and took the stress off of security officials.

Internal and External Monitoring Unfortunately, security threats can come from within a construction as well from outside. Proper monitoring from Twenty20 not only decreased the risk of theft from outside trespassers, but also captured a site worker stealing equipment, leading to a fast and easy identification of the wrongdoer.

Mobile Solutions Construction sites by their nature change rapidly. Twenty20's highly mobile solutions can be relocated as needs change, with their off-grid power options making the process simple and finding a power source unnecessary.

Conclusion Real-time video surveillance, monitoring, and protection help construction companies protect their equipment from both external and internal theft. With our monitoring services and hardware, construction companies can secure their assets and gain peace of mind that allows them to focus on their business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.


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