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Construction Site Security Monitoring

Due to changing work environments and variations in project sizes or requirements, construction sites are frequently vulnerable to many security challenges such as theft, vandalism, unforeseen damages, and other liability issues. Industry experts estimate annual losses amounting to roughly $400 million. Unfortunately, many of the theft occurrences fall within insurance deductible limits and, therefore, the majority of contractors bear the brunt of the expenses resulting from these losses. Conventional security systems and even security personnel are expensive and have limited visibility to possible threats. Construction site security monitoring has become increasingly in demand to help prevent dangerous and expensive issues from occurring.

Worker in t-shirt angling security camera for better view

Construction Site Security Monitoring: Video Surveillance

Accessing security systems that provide visual support to construction sites, particularly those in remote areas, can and should work in real-time to increase the chances of mitigating job site threats. With advancing technology, site security monitoring on construction sites is not only possible but is also feasible through video analytics and artificial intelligence.

In order to provide the highest possible level of security while minimizing liability, security systems should offer efficiencies in terms of archiving and activating automation based on intelligent learning 24/7 from anywhere.

Issues with Construction Site Security

One of the major problems with construction sites are the sheer size and remote areas where they are frequently located. Camera systems can provide a viewpoint from the perimeter and even work to deter criminal activity, but there are many fallacies to this design. For one, remote areas are increasingly problematic due to blind spots and lack of nearby authority and responders. Even if cameras signaled proper authorities, the systems can be cumbersome and difficult to monitor day and night.

Security Guards

Many construction companies and contractors look to security guards to answer this damaging issue. Yes, security guards provide better support than badly angled cameras, but they also require the right types of security qualifications. Security guards offer real-time support and can provide 24/7 monitoring. Unfortunately, security guards are also limited due to certain factors including:

  • Human error

  • Inadequate training

  • Limited coverage

Security guards are typically one, or few, employees fit to patrol an entire construction zone. However, like any human, they are flawed in their abilities due to external factors like weather, the sheer size of the job site, blind spots, or other vulnerabilities, plus motivation to be alert every minute. These flaws can be costly and detrimental to any construction site.

Security Issues Within Remote Locations

One of the major dilemmas construction sites face is the surroundings. In busy metro areas, construction job sites may have more deterrents such as adequate lighting and enough visibility to dissuade potential intruders. Still, monitoring a construction site full time is imperative to protect from damages, losses, and delays in project completion. However, logistics for setting up these systems can feel costly and unmanageable.

Common security issues on construction sites include:

  • Expensive equipment and materials

  • Inadequate equipment

  • Perimeter vulnerability

  • Secluded areas left exposed

  • Lack of real-time monitoring

Job sites located in rural or remote locations, on the other hand, are at an extreme disadvantage for numerous reasons. First, rural areas lack infrastructures like power equipment to run proper surveillance equipment, day and night.

In 2017, the police-reported crime rate in remote and rural areas (6,210 incidents per 100,000 population) was 23% higher than the urban crime rate. The higher crime rate in these areas was driven by a small number of police services that reported very high crime rates. In fact, most police services serving a predominantly rural population recorded relatively low rates of crime.

Additionally, secluded areas also increase the chances of criminal activity simply because it provides a safety net for criminals. There are no witnesses and police or other authorities are usually slow to respond. Does that mean contractors and construction company owners should forego construction site security altogether?

What is Construction Site Security Monitoring?

Helping to maintain a secure environment while minimizing liability and reducing costly expenses is for the benefit of the construction company. Safeguarding unmanned and remote locations, gates, perimeter fences, equipment, cranes and other valuable assets can be costly.

One of the most effective methods of protecting construction site properties is utilizing video surveillance with the added features of security monitoring. Video surveillance provides customization and flexibility to get real-time feedback and reduce the potential for a substantial loss. Construction site security monitoring services offer an added bonus.

Video Monitoring Security Solutions

Often used in conjunction with video surveillance, professional construction site security monitoring adds another layer of protection to existing security systems. With highly trained professionals monitoring a job site via video surveillance, property and equipment can be safely guarded at all times.

Most monitoring systems are available to quickly dispatch proper authorities when needed. It’s important to utilize reliable and proven monitoring resources and professionals for an existing project. Each job site will have unique needs that should be considered and evaluated by an experienced team.

Benefits of Twenty20 Solutions Site Monitoring allow you to:

  • Deter on-site theft and vandalism in real-time

  • Reduce security costs by an average of 50% over on-site security guards

  • Minimize downtime due to damaged equipment

  • Improve operational efficiency with less time focused on losses

  • Monitor 4x the area capable by a single security guard

  • Reduce crime by issuing remote voice down warnings

  • Access video footage and detailed incident reports providing to law enforcement and insurance providers

  • Artificial Intelligence helps identify true suspicious activity by decreasing the occurrence of false alarms

Twenty20 Solutions: Dependable Construction Site Security Monitoring

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center (MMC) provides 24/7 or off-hour support for your team when you need to keep constant watch over an existing or future construction site. Many contractors and companies don’t have the internal manpower to monitor surveillance feeds day and night. Our trained monitoring professionals serve as extensions of your security team and follow pre-defined escalation procedures to ensure your people and locations are secure. We provide the following services to your company:

  • Monitor security alerts and events

  • Assess developing or ongoing situations

  • Issue audio voice down to deter crime

  • Communicate time-sensitive information to your team

  • Make ongoing recommendations to optimize your site security

On-site security guards are costly, provide limited effectiveness, and cannot secure all areas of a site at one time. Our trained monitoring professionals serve as extensions of your security team. Contact us today to learn more about how our manned monitoring can help your sites.


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