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Security cameras, hardware, and surveillance

Novus™ Hardware

Twenty20 Solutions offers a variety of security hardware product options to serve your organization’s unique security needs.


Rapid Deployment Solutions

All-in-one security systems designed for rapid, easy installation and full visibility at temporary or remote sites. These cameras provide immediate access to 24/7 security to help protect your site, equipment, and employees.

Permanent Solutions


Highly configurable fixed security system and access control to enhance the safety of your facilities. Self-sufficient systems with various power options and multiple camera configurations to suit your security needs.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions


Quick and simple security solutions designed to be portable, lightweight, and easily installed. These solutions have a variety of power options, making them perfect for areas with rugged terrain and limited to no power or internet access.

arial view of construction site
Real-Time Protection, At a Moment's Notice

Learn how a construction company used the Twenty20 video surveillance solution to successfully respond to security threats on a number of occasions.


Using the Twenty20 video footage, an employee was charged with four felonies. The value of recovered equipment and prevention of future thefts by the same employee far exceeded the cost of implementing the Twenty20 video surveillance solution.


Rapid Deployment Solutions

​SiteWatch™ Skids

​The SiteWatch™ Skid is a portable, skid-mounted security solution designed for rapid and easy deployment where in-ground options are not possible. When regulations do not permit digging or mandate special protection due to landscape, wildlife or other factors, the SiteWatch™ Skid is the ideal solution for a multitude of remote locations.

​SiteWatch™ Mobile

​The SiteWatch™ Mobile is a trailer-mounted surveillance system ideal for short-term deployment situations, but rugged enough for long-term use in the field. This mobile solution can easily be relocated by a single person and deploys quickly for emergency situations, allowing flexibility based on changing security needs.

GateWatch™ Mobile

​The GateWatch™ Mobile is a portable, skid-mounted access control solution, ideal for temporary installations or deployment in locations where in-ground, permanent systems aren't possible. GateWatch™ Mobile is self-sufficient and uses a solar-powered battery, making it a perfect solution to limit access to areas with limited or no power. Providing far more intelligence than a standard access gate, GateWatch™ Mobile comes equipped with a multitude of security features and detailed activity logs.

Permanent Solutions

​SiteWatch™ System

​The SiteWatch™ Surveillance System is a fixed-mounted, self-contained surveillance solution available with various equipment and configurations to suit your environment. For off-grid environments, we offer solar-powered alternatives to our traditional grid-powered systems, as well as cell, satellite and LAN options to ensure connectivity no matter where your sites are located.

​GateWatch™ Access Control

​The GateWatch™ Access Control System is a permanent, in-ground solution that gives you total control over who accesses your sites and when. The GateWatch™ is built to run on solar power, but can be easily connected to other power sources where available, making it ideal for a variety of remote facilities.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions

​SiteWatch™ Express DIY

​The SiteWatch™ Express DIY is a complete security system housed in a conveniently sized and portable package, enabling rapid deployment and easy installation. The kit comes ready to install out of the box; simply mount the unit and power up for nearly instant surveillance capability. With its compact size, the all-in-one solution can also be moved in a snap to accommodate any changes to your security needs.

Mobile Scout

​The Mobile Scout is a portable, ready-to-use security system designed for quick set up by the user with no extensive training or technical know-how required.

Perfect for short-term deployment, but rugged enough to handle long-term use in the field and extreme outdoor covert situations, the Mobile Scout can be counted on for discrete monitoring and easy setup / takedown.

Twenty20 SmartLock™

​Built for professionals and designed for rugged, off-grid locations, the water-resistant, impact-resistant SmartLock immediately increases your asset protection by creating an audit trail of access information. Control your lock with your smartphone — even in areas without cellular connectivity. With no more lost or forgotten keys or shared combination codes, the Twenty20 SmartLock is light-years ahead of obsolete padlocks.

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