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Novus IoT Platform
One Platform, Total Control

With Twenty20's Novus™ IoT AI-enabled platform, you can manage security, access control and automation at your sites through one hub. The platform provides the convenience of a single integrated view into all your security and automation operations enabling real-time visibility and control over every aspect of your sites. Identify key events from one location or hundreds of locations, with a simple, intuitive user interface.

Novus™ Security & Surveillance Platform

Platform Benefits

From monitoring sites to prevent intrusions and reduce theft to automating site access and equipment, Novus platform is configurable to your unique business requirements.

Whether you purchase Twenty20’s hardware products or choose to use another provider’s security equipment, Novus platform integrates with third-party systems through an open API.


As your business grows and evolves, upgrade your Novus platform with additional AI-enabled modules or connect additional sites for monitoring.

Platform AI Modules

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Distinguish between humans and vehicles that enter your site using AI to minimize false positives, and automatically grant or revoke access as needed.

Vehicle-Human (VeHu)
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Identify equipment, people, and vehicles by category, enabling intelligent access control by noting authorization status and calling out unusual events.

Object Recognition & Counting
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Keep track of every vehicle that enters your site; combine with our GateWatch system to grant access to only approved vehicles, keeping mysterious visitors out.

License Plate Recognition
Facial Recognition [2022].png

Prevent crime and theft with AI-enabled technologies that discern between normal and unusual visitors.

Facial Recognition
NEW PPE Recognition Image.png

Instantly know whether employees are in compliance with PPE requirements for a specific jobsite, ensuring their safety and saving valuable time for managers.

PPE Recognition
Automation Image.png

Streamline your workflow and reduce the need for manual operation of equipment, with bi-directional, self-sufficient software automation.

Data Anomalies Detection.png

Predict behavior and prevent future accidents with the assistance of automatic data anomaly detection.

Data Anomalies Detection

Detect out-of-the-ordinary sounds that could mean trouble, such as gunshots or explosions. These events can be catalogued and preserved as evidence.

Sound/Gunshot Detection
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Indoor and outdoor detection of gunshots, right down to round caliber and shooter location, in milliseconds. Combine with Facial Recognition for enhanced shooter identification.

Active Shooter Identification

Why Choose the Novus Platform?


The Novus platform brings together surveillance, access control, IoT and automation devices to provide you a complete view of your facilities and operations.


View all your locations and equipment from a single, intuitive user interface -- any time of day, from any location in the world on your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Automate security and access control using AI-enabled technology or further automate your facilities using IoT devices or by integrating with leading Scada systems.


Hybrid edge-cloud architecture pushes key events to the cloud while reducing bandwidth requirements as compared with cloud-only solutions.


As an               member, Twenty20 Solutions is committed to developing solutions that integrate seamlessly with leading vendors across a wide range of devices, regardless of brand or manufacturer.


Advanced AI and video analytics deliver meaningful business insights using real-time event data, powered by a purpose-built data mart.