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Electric Utility Security & Automation

Improve operational efficiency while protecting your critical infrastructure
  • Optimize your operations by minimizing downtime

With full visibility of your sites, remotely diagnose any malfunctions and identify equipment in need of repair or replacement and respond in a timely manner

  • Deter theft & vandalism

Identify potential threats and take preventative measures​

  • Protect your employees & reduce liabilities

With real-time view into your locations, identify potential hazardous working conditions before dispatching technicians​

  • Mitigate compliance risks

Ensure security and reliability of your operations as mandated by NERC standards​

  • Multi-power options (solar, battery, generator, electric) and multiple connectivity options through (Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite, LAN)

  • 24 X 7, onsite, hard drive video storage available

  • Seamless cloud storage and back-up of your data

  • Management of all security operations through a single platform – single pane of glass view – accessible anywhere with any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone)

  • Managed IT services, data back-up and recovery services

Twenty20's Novus IoT Platform 
Actionable Insights with Advanced Analytics
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  • The Novus™ AI-enabled IoT Platform allows for a seamless user experience and communication without compromising security anywhere in the world

  • Interface with edge devices to enable real-time bi-directional hardware control

  • Any internet enabled device, any browser, any location

  • Provides single, integrated view into operations at unlimited number of site locations

  • Rich BI and reporting features

  • Global Multi-Carrier SIM / Dynamic Network Prioritization, WAN, Cell, Satellite

  • Mobile Applications for Event notifications, Access Control, Smart Lock, Camera Monitoring and Pan-Tilt-Zoom

  • Secure platform, 2-step authentication, VPN protected network

Twenty20 Novus™ IoT Platform

Featured Case Study

A large utility provider identified a trend of increased theft during construction and expansion projects when additional materials and equipment were on location at power stations. The company implemented policy requiring additional security at these vulnerable substations.

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