The many subsectors of the transportation industry face external threats against the security of their equipment, freight and employees. Twenty20 has proven security solutions to protect one or hundreds of sites.

Securing the Transportation Industry

The U.S. transportation system is charged with quickly, safely and securely moving both people and goods through the country and overseas. Twenty20 Solutions is equipped with a variety of security and monitoring services that are designed for use in the key subsectors of the transportation industry, including:

  • Aviation/Airports

  • Maritime/Ports

  • Freight Rail

  • Distribution

  • Cargo Yards

Keeping transportation sites secure and employees safe can be difficult. The vast size of the facilities and the constantly moving assets through each pose unique challenges for security teams.


How to Secure Transportation Sites

Video surveillance is a reliable, cost-effective solution to secure large areas at a single time. Security provided by video camera surveillance covers significantly more area than a single security guard can. Twenty20 Solutions offers both permanent and mobile surveillance systems that can operate on solar power, allowing for deployment in areas without fixed power or connectivity. Twenty20 ensures there is a video surveillance solution that will work in any environment you need to protect. In addition, Twenty20 offers access control solutions to limit access to areas containing high-value goods.

In many cases, video surveillance and using audio and visual deterrents is enough to scare away a would-be criminal before they act. However, combining site surveillance with remote monitoring gives you an added level of security. Twenty20’s Manned Monitoring Center (MMC) is staffed with experienced virtual security experts that keep constant watch over your business. With remote security monitoring, our MMC staff can notify the proper authorities to dispatch law enforcement within seconds when other on-site deterrents have not worked.

Benefits of Securing Transportation Sites

View Sites Remotely

Twenty20 Solutions provides real-time access and visibility to what is happening on your site via our web-based platform. Available from any location and device, you can see video of your locations in real time or access events to keep track of activity. Monitor your sites even when you are not there.

Thwart Terrorism

Many of our nation's transportation facilities are key targets for terrorist attacks. Video surveillance systems are integral parts of a proactive strategy to prevent terrorist activities. Twenty20 can help you design a surveillance plan that ensures video units are strategically placed to capture all zones of your facilities and sites at once.  

Deter Crime & Vandalism

Twenty20 Solutions offers a variety of security and access control systems that can help protect any area, including cargo yards, airports, railyards and more. Proactive security measures help to minimize the manpower needed on-site while increasing the overall bandwidth to secure your sites and facilities.

Scalable for Future Growth

As your facilities and sites expand, security and access control solutions from Twenty20 are designed to grow with you. Our cloud-based platform can let you see one or hundreds of locations in a single, integrated system. So you can manage the activity of your sites simultaneously.  Adding more cameras to an existing site is easily accommodated as well.

Data-Driven Analytics

With built-in Artificial Intelligence and video analytics, Twenty20's technology like license plate recognition and object detection can assist in tracking trucks and cargo through your sites. The data collected with our technology gives you the information you need to make informed decisions and save time manually tracking inventory.

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Aviation Solutions

Real-Time Access

The Twenty20 cloud-based platform is accessible any time of day via any web-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer. You can provide access to real-time security footage, recorded events and historical reports with multiple departments across your facility.

Identify Threats

 Twenty20 Solutions offers a full suite of AI and video analytics technologies, including object detection, facial recognition and more which make video surveillance even more effective in identifying threats before they happen and minimizing false alarms.

Solutions for Transportation 
Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions prevent theft, burglary and vandalism without requiring additional on-site personnel.

Remote Access

Know exactly who comes and goes from your scrap yard with systems that provide audit history and control.

Remote Monitoring

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center is staffed with virtual guards that provide real-time monitoring to keep your site safe.

Featured Case Study

Large utility companies require security to protect their high-value facilities and substations, reduce theft and minimize power outage risks from domestic terror threats as part of the Homeland Security Critical Infrastructure list. Specifically, the utility provider had identified a trend of increased theft during construction and expansion projects, when additional materials and equipment were on location at power stations. In response, the company implemented a new policy that required additional security at vulnerable substations, especially during construction projects.

Electricity Station