Leading-edge technology optimized for remote operations is the foundation of all of Twenty20's security and automation solutions. 

One Platform. Total Control.

The Twenty20 web-based platform gives you a single, integrated view into all your security and automation operations at your remote sites and gives you real-time visibility and control over every aspect of your operations. See what is happening at one or hundreds of locations in a single system.

All footage is stored in the cloud, not on a locally-stored device. That means you can view real-time video footage or find previously recorded events on any web-enabled device no matter where your day takes you.

Twenty20’s web-based platform and customized dashboards give you a single view of all your security and automation systems to ensure you get the most out of your integrated solutions. Here are a few examples:

  • Add an additional layer of prevention by tying identifying photos and video to incorrect or unauthorized key pad entries by managing your surveillance and access control systems in the same platform

  • Turn on lights, lock a gate or door, and speak to a visitor (or intruder) through a connected speaker system

  • Verify an automated sensor reading via on-site camera systems


Because the Twenty20 platform is web-enabled, users can access dashboards on any internet-connected desktop or mobile device. Get total control and detailed insights about your remote operations, no matter where you are.

Plus, unified and integrated systems from Twenty20 Solutions remove the guess work and place trusted data and real-time imagery in the hands of your team members, providing them the confidence to act – and act quickly.

Twenty20 Platform Benefits

- Provides seamless integration for all remote operations

- Proprietary solution optimized especially for remote operations

- Powered by advanced AI and intelligent video analytics to identify real security and operational threats

- Requires no software installation or plug-ins

- User-customizable dashboards

- Rich data reporting features

- Compatible with all web-enabled devices

- Operates behind firewalls

- Enhanced security via two-factor authentication

Seamless integration gives you control over all your remote operations

with the Twenty20 Platform 


Consolidate one or hundreds of your locations into one view via a single, integrated web-interface accessible any time, from any device.


View all your video, devices and assets on a single platform window online anytime 24/7 and from any location.


Advanced AI and video analytics provides the foundation for accurate real-time data and business insights with customizable views


Unlimited cloud storage eliminates the need for added investment in costly IT infrastructure and equipment


Edge Technology

Twenty20 Solutions uses edge computing for more efficient data processing. All of the data from devices and IoT sensors is processed closer to the source, allowing for faster and more cost-efficient transmission.

Benefits of Edge Computing
  • Reduce time to transmit data from source to the cloud

  • Less costly maintenance by eliminating on-site server and complex hardware

  • Allows bandwidth-intensive content to be accessible by customer

  • Reliable operations with limited connectivity

  • Scalable as number of monitored locations increase


Twenty20 Edge Device

The proprietary Twenty20 Edge Device provides real-time, two-way communication between field devices – such as sensors, gauges, cameras, radar units and access control stations – and the Twenty20 cloud platform. The proprietary technology included in these devices prioritizes data transmissions, saving bandwidth and power consumption, so you can view historical and real-time information without incurring expensive data fees.

Benefits of the Twenty20 Edge Device

  • Minimize bandwidth usage and power consumption

  • Leverages an event-based architecture and prioritizes data transmission

  • Reduces storage and data demands with 24/7 recording on-site and event-driven recordings for playback in the cloud

  • Eliminates equipment costs by connecting to multiple in-field devices

  • Bi-directional device control and communication

  • Ruggedized design provides enhanced durability in harsh, remote environments

  • Solar-powered capability for off-grid applications

  • Ample cloud storage for motion events, images and device data

Expanded Storage Configurations

Depending on your industry and location, it may be required to keep video footage on-site for a pre-determined amount of time. Cannabis growers and distributors in some states, including California and Colorado, are required to keep up to three months of recorded video security footage on-site to meet state compliance regulations. 

Overcoming these challenges requires flexible storage solutions that deliver the capacity needed in a cost-effective manner. Twenty20 offers expanded storage configurations of our Edge Device that are capable of meeting any required additional capacity.


Extended Range Cellular Connectivity

Twenty20 utilizes advanced technology to pull in cellular connectivity even in areas where coverage is weak or unreliable, ensuring automatic recovery from failures to minimize downtime. Our innovative technology automatically connects with the best available cellular network regardless of carrier or location. Designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, our technology seamlessly integrates 4G LTE, Ethernet, Satellite, WiFi, advanced firewall security and reliable VPN technology.

Dynamic Network Selection

Designed with Dynamic Network Selction, Twenty20’s standard connectivity hardware features automatic link detection so it identifies the strongest network available and connects to it automatically. It also supports multi-layer auto link detection and recovery to automatically recover from various failures to minimize outages and business downtime.

Integration with Third-Party Systems

Twenty20 Solutions is an ONVIF member, which means we have made a commitment to offering products that integrate together regardless of the manufacturer. What does that mean for our customers? Greater choice and flexibility. You can be confident that all Twenty20 products not only integrate seamlessy with each other, but also with other ONVIF compliant solutions from other vendors.