Twenty20 Solutions is a leading technology provider that delivers smart security, monitoring, automation and remote access designed for both on- and off-grid environments.

Welcome To a Whole New World of Connectivity and Control

Security, monitoring and automation services from Twenty20 Solutions give you superior vision and control of your remote operations. Leveraging proprietary wireless and software technologies, we gain access to connectivity even in areas with weak cellular coverage and then minimize your bandwidth usage and power consumption. This opens the door to exponentially more capabilities in far-off locations, allowing you to realize the benefits of faster insights, higher performance, and more accurate data, all while doing so cost effectively.


Real-time surveillance video in the middle of nowhere? No problem. Gates opened remotely from 2,000 miles away? Of course. Automatically shutting down a system under high pressure? No sweat.

Twenty20 gives you access to a variety of applications without the need for existing power or connectivity:


Remote Video Security

Video surveillance at locations with no existing power or cellular access.


Remote Monitoring

Real-time virtual protection against theft and vandalism that drastically lowers the cost of securing your business.


Remote Access Control

Authorized entry and exit at locations with no existing power or internet.


Portable Surveillance

Quick solution to catch perpetrators that is easy to set up and use.


Temporary Deployments

Trailer- or skid-mounted systems for environments where traditional camera mounts will not work.


Automation & Control

Automated or remote control of devices such as sensors, gauges, pumps, PLCs, etc. from a centralized location.

IT Sevices.png

Managed IT Services

IT management, network and computer system maintenance, VoIP, and high-speed wireless Internet.


Disaster Recovery

Planning, staffing, infrastructure setup and system support in emergency situations.


One Dashboard for Total Control

Twenty20’s web-based platform and customized dashboards give you a single view of all your security and automation systems to ensure you get the most out of your integrated solutions. For example, managing surveillance video and access control systems in the same platform can provide an additional layer of prevention by tying identifying photos and video to incorrect or unauthorized key pad entries. You could also turn on lights, lock a gate or door, and speak to a visitor (or intruder) through a connected speaker system. Need more? Verify an automated sensor reading via on-site camera systems.


Unified and integrated systems from Twenty20 Solutions remove the guess work and place trusted data and real-time imagery in the hands of your team members, providing them the confidence to act – and act quickly!


The Twenty20 platform is web-enabled, allowing users to access dashboards on any internet connected desktop or mobile device. Get total control and detailed insights about your remote operations, no matter where you are.