Scrap Yards

Scrap yards contain high-value assets and are prime targets for theft and vandalism. Twenty20 offers several video surveillance, access control and remote monitoring solutions to keep scrap yards secure.

Scrap Yard Security

Scrap and salvage yards comprise a growing sector of the US economy and serve as an integral part of the construction, automotive and manufacturing industries. All of these are key sectors to the critical infrastructure of our country’s economy. The expansive nature of open-air scrap yards and the high value of the assets contained in these facilities make them prime targets for theft and vandalism.

Protecting the security of those assets can be challenging. Discarded raw materials contained in scrap yards are notoriously hard to trace, and therefore make for easy targets for criminals looking for fast money. In addition, ensuring the safety of your employees and customers while on-site is also critical to the success of your business. Keeping your property and employees safe is an important business strategy that will help you mitigate risk and liability while maintaining profitability.

How to Secure Scrap Yards

Most scrap yards are protected by nothing more than a chain-link fence and a single security guard at night, making it hard to monitor all areas of the yard. On-site security guards are costly, provide limited effectiveness and cannot secure all areas of a site at one time.


Video surveillance is the most effective security solution for large outdoor yards. Twenty20 Solutions offers a variety of video surveillance options that give you visibility to all areas of your scrap yard simultaneously so you can identify and prevent security breaches before they happen. In addition, Twenty20 offers access control solutions to limit access to areas of high-value.

In many cases, video surveillance and using audio and visual deterrents is enough to scare away a would-be criminal from your yard. However, combining site surveillance with remote monitoring gives you an added level of security. Twenty20’s Manned Monitoring Center (MMC) is staffed with experienced virtual security experts that keep constant watch over your business. With virtual scrap yard security monitoring, our MMC staff can notify the proper authorities to dispatch law enforcement within seconds when other on-site deterrents have not worked.

Benefits of Video Surveillance & Monitoring at Scrap Yards

View Sites Remotely

Twenty20 Solutions provides real-time access and visibility to what is happening on your site via our web-based platform. Available from any location and device, you can see your sites in real time or access events to keep track of activity, even when you are not on site. You can monitor your workers, site progress and after-hour activity online any time.

Deter Crime

Theft and vandalism are commonplace at scrap yards. With video surveillance solutions from Twenty20, you can detect activity before a crime occurs. With video analytics enhanced with Artificial Intelligence, our systems detect human activity versus that of stray animals or other objects to minimize false alarms thereby focusing your attention only on real security breaches.

Minimize Internal Theft

Unfortunately, as a scrap yard owner, you have to worry about both external and internal threats to your business. Employees that steal from you oftentimes cost your business more than those from outside parties. Video surveillance systems from Twenty20 give you access to recorded footage that you can use in both personnel matters and insurance claims to help minimize your liability and recoup your lost resources. 

Save Money

Whether it’s through theft, vandalism to your property or insurance claims, the costs to your business grow quickly and can reduce your profitability. Video surveillance systems and remote monitoring from Twenty20 Solutions are cost-effective ways to minimize the negative impacts that crime and accidents can cause. Plus, you can often save up to half the costs of a single security guard while monitoring more square footage with a video surveillance system.

Keep Employees Safe

As a business owner, you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your employees and customers while on-site. Video surveillance allows you to monitor the daily activities on your property. You can enforce safety compliance measures with employees and access footage that can help with any insurance or worker's comp claims, helping to minimize your overall liability and financial responsibility.

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions prevent theft, burglary and vandalism without requiring additional on-site personnel.

Remote Access

Know exactly who comes and goes from your scrap yard with systems that provide audit history and control.

Remote Monitoring

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center is staffed with virtual guards that provide real-time monitoring to keep your site safe.

Solutions for Scrap Yards

Featured Case Study

Construction companies rarely have extra time to plan before starting a project. Once they win a job, their work typically starts within a few weeks. That was case time and time again for one engineering and construction company. They needed mobile security systems that could be delivered at a moment’s notice, and their previous security provider was not able to provide skid-mounted security solutions quickly enough to meet project timelines.