Saltwater Disposal Operator

A substantial midstream player operating freshwater pits and saltwater disposal wells across the Permian Basin.

The Challenge

A substantial midstream player operating freshwater pits and saltwater disposal (SWD) wells across the Permian Basin identified several inefficiencies requiring unnecessary manual steps that led to fraudulent billing and costly delays. The company made the strategic business decision to modernize and automate a number of these processes and functions for their newly built SWD facilities and upgrade current automation solutions at their existing SWDs.

The Solution


The automation solution installed by Twenty20 Solutions is supported by an advanced SCADA network and transformed many of the remote, antiquated operations of the company into modern, digitized activities. Among other functions, the solution supported newly automated truck drop-off lanes, a driver authentication system, valve openings and closures, and invoicing and ticketing – all managed automatically and remotely via the Twenty20 platform from the corporate headquarters. On site, the new system used intelligence developed from the data collected during operations to optimize SWD facility selection and determine where trucks should be routed for more efficient drop-offs. Additionally, video surveillance is used not only for security but to provide visual verification for alarms and monitors, improving health and safety for personnel on location in addition to reducing risk from criminal activity. Plus, Twenty20 offers continued support by providing maintenance to all installed devices on site to ensure the system is always operating at peak performance.

The Results

The operator transformed its remote operations, executing with greater efficiency and safety across the organization. They’ve eliminated manual processes by auto-completing P-18 filings and invoicing tickets, minimized compliance issues using pre-set alerts to identify the potential overflow of water pits, and tackled fraud by capturing video of the drivers and vehicles involved in water disposal operations.