Oil & Gas Company

A Midland, TX-based oil and gas company with limited internal IT resources needed to automate its wells and secure its new operations with the help of a true turnkey solution.


The Challenge

A Midland, Texas-based oil and gas company about to develop a greenfield location needed a turnkey solution (or solutions) to automate its wells and provide security for its new operations. The company had limited experience with SCADA or automation technologies and had no in-house IT department; however, company leadership wanted to be able to monitor operations and security remotely from the corporate office.

The Solution

The company selected Twenty20 Solutions because of its expertise connecting remote operations, its integrated automation and security platform and its 24/7 monitoring capabilities. Within weeks, we’d designed and deployed a comprehensive video surveillance and SCADA/automation system. Monitoring the production wells and storage facilities, the Twenty20 team keeps a watchful eye on tubing, casing, tank levels, burner status, submersible pumps, flow meters, moat floats and other key devices in the production process.

The Results

With the new solution in place, the remote location has been safeguarded from security threats, and the monitoring and automation capabilities have created enormous gains in productivity and efficiency. Now, instead of the company having to send workers to the site to measure FRAC pit levels, Twenty20 monitors operations remotely with high-definition cameras trained on reflective tape and volume numbers/lines. Twenty20 also instrumented sensors and adjustable setpoints to alert the monitoring team of critical events like high tank levels.