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Security solutions for the safety of our officials and government institutions.

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Law Enforcement

“Knowing is half the battle”: in a dangerous instance, situational awareness is key for a proper response from law enforcement officials and first responders. Surveillance equipment closes the gap in information and allows officials to know more accurately what they are dealing with and the severity of the situation. Twenty20’s Active Shooter Location Identification system (ASLI) detects gunshots as they happen with a high degree of accuracy. ASLI can identify the general type of gun used in a shooting, which is critical in gaining proper situational awareness; one person firing a small handgun will require a different approach than a group with tactical gear and rifles, for example. By combining the power of multiple layers of technology, including acoustic, video, thermal, and radar capabilities, our solutions enable law enforcement to engage faster and with better situational awareness to active shooter situations, which in turn increases both officer and public safety.

Improved Situational Awareness
Improving Community Relations

As stated by the U.S Department of Justice, “strong relationships of mutual trust between police agencies and the communities they serve are critical to maintaining public safety and effective policing.” Law enforcement agencies must balance the building of positive community relations with the administration of the proper techniques in apprehending wrongdoers. Twenty20 assists agencies in achieving this balance. Video surveillance dramatically improves the criminal identification process and reduces the impact on innocent civilians during the investigation process. In addition, detectives can focus precious time and resources more efficiently with much better results. By being able to perform their duties more effectively and with greater accuracy, law enforcement officials can more easily fulfill their vows to serve and protect their communities.

Assists in Case Building

The difficulty of case building can’t be understated. Even with advancements in detective work and the increase in technology-assisted investigations, law enforcement can have its hands tied when trying to find the proper evidence that leads to a conviction. AI-enabled security solutions assist in case building by providing strong evidence through video footage, license plate recognition, and more. Capturing a shooter on video, comparing the shooter to known criminal databases using facial recognition technology, and capturing license plates using license plate recognition technology are just a few of the ways AI can dramatically assist with the case-building process for law enforcement.

Data-Driven Analytics

With built-in A.I. and video analytics, Twenty20's technology can assist in documenting repeat offenders. Facial recognition and object counting and detection can track criminals as they appear and isolate vehicles used in crimes much more effectively. The data collected with our technology gives you the information you need to make informed decisions that will ultimately allow for more effective use of law enforcement resources.

Viewing Sites Remotely

Twenty20 Solutions provides real-time access and visibility to what is happening on site via our web-based Novus platform. From any location and device, you can see your sites in real time or access events to keep track of activity, even when away. ASLI camera systems swivel at first detection of gunfire, providing a near-instant view of the suspect and any getaway vehicles. The option to view sites remotely can also keep personnel safer, as it becomes much easier to predetermine the severity of situation.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance and reliable data are critical pieces in contributing to quick decisions that protect our country’s assets and save lives. Security provided by video camera surveillance covers significantly more area than a single security guard can, and ultimately is more cost-effective. With both permanent and mobile systems that can operate on solar power, allowing for deployment in areas without fixed power or connectivity. Twenty20 ensures there is a video surveillance solution that will work in any environment you need to protect.

WATCH: Active Shooter Location Identification in Action

Benefits of Surveillance & Monitoring
Improved Situational Awareness

With our web-based Novus™ platform, the option to view sites remotely allows for officers to determine the severity of a situation without needing to risk their safety by immediately responding in person. Critical information such as the rough size of a gun fired, footage of suspects, and locations of crimes taking place allow for a more informed approach to the situation and overall safety increases.

Crime Deterrence

Proactive security measures help to minimize the manpower needed on-site while increasing the overall bandwidth to secure your local communities. Visible security equipment such as integrated security cameras can sometimes even reduce crime with their presence alone. A well-surveyed site represents a far less appealing target for criminals, as the presence of law enforcement is substantial and apparent.

Increased Surveillance Area

Video surveillance systems allow local law enforcement to expand their footprints by securing areas without on-site personnel needed. This increases the reach of a department in preventing and prosecuting crime; in addition, a more holistic approach to law enforcement can be taken, as entire areas are policed as opposed to a few problem areas.​

Improved Community Relations

With the assistance of A.I.-enabled security technology, officers have increased opportunities to interact with their communities in a positive way. Nuanced and informed approaches to policing are critical, and highly accurate A.I. detection can be a great help in apprehending wrong-doers while keeping all parts of a community safer from harm.

NovusTM Platform viewed on a tablet

Twenty20’s Novus™ IoT AI-Enabled platform takes your site security to the next level, giving you total control over every aspect of your site’s security systems


Manage security, access control, and automation through a single hub, giving you the power to monitor your operations in real-time and receive alerts from either one location or hundreds, with a simple, intuitive user interface.


Our “single pane” viewing makes remote monitoring easier than ever. View your site and equipment from any location, using your smartphone, computer, or tablet, with a variety of connectivity options (Wi-Fi, LAN, satellite).


Questions about the Twenty20 Novus™ IoT platform? Learn more about the future of site security here.

Next Level Security with Novus™ IoT
Police cars
The Benefits of AI-Powered Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI)

With Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI) systems, officials can pinpoint with extreme accuracy the location, number of shooters, and even the identity of the perpetrators.


Powered by artificial intelligence, these advanced systems are gaining popularity for their ability to provide real-time data and situational awareness in critical situations.


49% of local police departments in the United States report using CCTV successfully.


CCTV was associated with a 16% reduction in crime across four main settings: city and town centers, public housing, public transport, and parking lots.


Public security requires a nuanced and balanced approach. Our solutions help secure government facilities and provide support to law enforcement officers.


Twenty20’s ASLI solution eliminate false positives by utilizing advanced AI provides situational awareness, tactical superiority and intelligent casualty response.


Our AI solution is off grid, and 100% scalable and includes options such as Facial and License Plate Recognition.  


Major cities and municipalities in high crime areas often have to respond to up to 60 false positives a day with very little tactical information to respond with.


Twenty20’s ASLI solution is mobile, can be deployed within minutes, and relocated to high crime areas as needed.

44% of global ransomware attacks in 2020 were targeted at municipalities.
Source: Barracuda Networks


The January 6th, 2022 attack on the U.S. Capitol caused $1.5 million worth of damage to the Capitol building, with 640 people charged with unlawfully entering restricted grounds.
Source: U.S. Department of Justice


Local, state, and federal government entities are frequent targets of physical and cyber attacks.


Live monitoring in combination with AI-enabled systems ensures that no unauthorized activity goes unchecked. Twenty20's Manned Monitoring Center provide round-the-clock live monitoring, executing preplanned actions in the event of a breach and immediately notifying law enforcement of any unlawful activity. Notifications are pushed instantly via our online Novus™ platform, ensuring you always know what is occurring at your government building or facility.

A New Era for Gunshot Detection

Fixed acoustic gunshot detection systems are limited in range and are notorious for false positives.

In modern times, law enforcement agencies must take a measured approach to protecting the public and their personnel while enhancing the relationship with the communities they protect. Twenty20 Solutions provides flexible and smart security solutions to assist law enforcement in its mission to keep everyone secure. Technology such as Active Shooter Location Identification (ASLI) and A.I.-enabled video surveillance allow law enforcement to utilize policing resources more effectively and secure a larger area, while also reducing risks to both officer and citizen.

police officer with police car in the background
Why use AI in law enforcement systems?

Integrating advanced technology video surveillance, data analytics, and other existing tools enables law enforcement agencies to deter crime before it happens, respond to incidents with greater precision, and build stronger cases against offenders. Artificial intelligence also aids law enforcement agencies by substantially reducing workloads, allowing them to focus on better enforcement techniques and building stronger  community relations.

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