Property Management Security

Property management companies are in a unique position to offer reassurance and support through secure technology. Juggling multiple properties can be great for business. However, without security measures in place, the possibility of property loss due to theft and vandalism can make it difficult to maintain and manage apartments, houses, and business structure. Learn more about property management security below.

Secure Your Properties Remotely

The property management industry is thriving. However, running a business overseeing various homes and commercial buildings is no simple feat. Tasks involved in being a successful property management company can be time consuming and stressful. The good news is that project managers can boost productivity, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition by embracing new technologies. First and foremost, property management security should be a top priority. Why? It not only ensures protection from damage, but it gives an extra layer of protection that property owners can appreciate.

Security is always a top concern for any property management team. Whether it’s a residential neighborhood, multi-family housing, commercial space or vacant buildings, preventing vandalism and theft while ensuring the safety of residents and visitors is a necessity. Twenty20 Solutions offers a variety of property management security and video surveillance systems that provide an efficient and cost-effective way of protecting your sites.

Homeowner's Associations & Subdivisions


Neighborhood quality is the key factor for 58 percent of home buyers, according to the National Association of Realtors. Homeowners want to feel safe in their homes and environments. More HOAs and subdivisions are investing in security to increase the safety of their residents. Property management security services can enhance how your business stands out among other management companies. 

Whether your neighborhood needs temporary or long-term property management security, Twenty20 has a video surveillance solution that will fit. For short-term deployments, we offer mobile skid and trailer options that are easy to install on-site quickly. With their mobile design, they can also be moved from location to location so you can pinpoint the exact areas of the neighborhood that need added protection.

The presence of video cameras alone can deter crime. Adding permanent surveillance throughout a neighborhood is another alternative to increase crime prevention for residents. Twenty20’s SiteWatch Surveillance System can be affixed to poles, buildings and other surfaces for long-term use. The SiteWatch system also has a solar-powered option, giving you flexibility to place anywhere even without electrical connections.


Multi-Family Housing 

Apartment, townhome and condo complexes that house multiple families need to offer a secure environment for their residents. Safety is an important factor for families when deciding where to live. Twenty20’s video surveillance solutions offer robust security for multi-family housing residents and can help reduce legal liability for property management companies, especially when property managers are off-duty.

In addition to video surveillance, Twenty20 offers an array of remote access control solutions that help ensure both vehicle and pedestrian entrances are secured. Instead of hiring costly security guards to man gates, Twenty20’s access control solutions put you in control of exactly who enters your site and when. Via the Twenty20 online platform, you can grant, edit or revoke access in real-time and track access history to your properties.

Additionally, all security, video surveillance and access control solutions from Twenty20 allow you to view your property remotely from any web-enabled device. You can access historical footage and reports for complete visibility to your locations, even when you are not on property.

Plus, Twenty20’s Manned Monitoring Center offers 24/7 or off-hour remote monitoring services to add another level of protection for your multi-family properties. Our virtual security team will watch over your sites remotely using the Twenty20 web-based platform and alert your team and law enforcement if and when a security breach occurs. For property management security, these advancements can help ensure round-the-clock protection.

Commercial & Vacant Properties 

Commercial properties, especially those that are vacant, are prime targets for theft and vandalism due to an abundance of valuable equipment and building materials and a lack of security presence. Damage can quickly devalue these properties, making them less desirable to potential tenants and limiting your return on investment. Security solutions from Twenty20 can help deter crime and vandalism on your commercial properties.

Video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions from Twenty20 can help deter the many issues that can occur on vacant properties, including vandalism, broken windows, graffiti, squatters and theft. And, since many of these locations do not have electricity if vacant, mobile surveillance options from Twenty20 are an affordable alternative to permanent, wired solutions. Operating off of solar power, these portable security systems can be placed on-site for as long as needed.

Remote monitoring services from Twenty20’s MMC serves as an extension of your own team, securing your locations during off-hours or providing 24/7 coverage. Our trained virtual security guards monitor your sites via Twenty20’s web-based platform to help prevent security breaches before they occur.

Twenty20 Solutions offers an array of products and services that can help keep your commercial and vacant properties safe around-the-clock. Plus, our solutions provide more site coverage while saving you up to 50% over the cost of on-site security guards.

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Neighborhood Solutions

AI-Enhanced Video Security

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Twenty20's video surveillance solutions provide real-time visibility to your sites while reducing the number of false alarms to maximize the efficiency of your on-site property management security.

Monitor Suspicious Activity

Twenty20's Manned Monitoring Center (MMC) provides added security for residents by remotely monitoring video surveillance from your locations to proactively protect against crime and vandalism. Services are provided off-hours to supplement existing security teams or 24/7 to virtually protect your sites around the clock.

Solutions for Property Management
Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions prevent theft, burglary and vandalism without requiring additional on-site personnel.

Access Control

Control who enters and exits your sites from any location for added security and minimize need for on-site personnel.

Remote Monitoring

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center is staffed with virtual guards that provide real-time monitoring to keep your site safe.

Featured Case Study

Operating in a highly regulated industry with facilities and products that are high-value targets for theft, cannabis processing companies require exceptionally tight security. One such company came to Twenty20 Solutions looking for a solution that could be securely replicated across multiple sites as the company expanded. The solution needed to adhere to the standards in the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA), be well-equipped for locations with higher crime statistics and transient populations, and simple for employees and investors to use and access.