Twenty20 Solutions offers a variety of hardware product options for both security and access control to serve the unique needs of your business.

Security and surveillance solutions from Twenty20 deliver confidence that your remote operations are protected and secure. You get complete, real-time visibility of your facilities, day or night, no matter the location, even in areas without power or data connections. This level of insight gives you the power to take proactive, immediate action when a security breach occurs.

Our security solutions bring your many sites into a single view so you can monitor your facilities, employees and contractors anytime, from anywhere. With real-time surveillance and detection systems, you have the power to be there, even when you are thousands of miles away.

Twenty20 Solutions offers an array of surveillance options to serve your individual needs. 

Do-it-Yourself Solutions

Twenty20 offers multiple surveillance solutions that are ready to ship to you and can easily be installed by you immediately. Whether you are in need of short or long-term surveillance or visible or covert hardware, Twenty20 has an option that will suit your needs. Like all security surveillance solutions from Twenty20, the Do-it-Yourself systems are connected to our web-based platform that gives you visibility to all of your systems in a single, integrated system that is available 24/7 on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Rapid Deployment Solutions

Twenty20's Rapid Deployment Solutions are designed to work in any environment under any circumstances. Solar-powered and battery-powered alternatives eliminates the need for costly infrastructure. The rugged durability makes these solutions ideal for both short and long-term installations. Rapid Deployment Solutions are ready to ship and are deployed by Twenty20's expert field crew, and they can be on your sites within days, if needed. You'll also have continuous visibility to your sites via Twenty20's cloud-based platform with all Rapid Deployment Solutions.

Permanent Solutions

Twenty20 can mount our video surveillance hardware to a variety of surfaces for permanent installation. Poles, lighting structures and buildings make ideal mounting locations for Permanent Solutions. With multiple power and connectivity options, Twenty20 has a solution that will fit your surveillance needs in any environment. All Permanent Security Solutions are installed with access to Twenty20's cloud-based platform that gives you visibility to all of your monitored locations in a single online system visible anytime, from any web-enabled device.