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Twenty20 Solutions Recognized as a Top 10 Most Promising Oil and Gas Solutions Provider

CIOReview has recognized Twenty20 Solutions as one of the 10 most promising Oil and Gas Solutions Providers for the year 2021.

Twenty20 Solutions & CIO Review - Twenty20 recognized as a Top 10 Promising Oil & Gas Provider 2022

In any sector, security is a vital prerequisite; it necessitates a large number of employees, along with security endpoints such as cameras, identity cards, and much more, to function smoothly and without any indiscretions. Developing such a security posture in the oil and gas industry, however, has seen its fair share of hardships, some of which correlate to the isolated location and harsh environment of plants and limited security around the infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technologies have provided an answer to resolve these hindrances. Without needing any human presence, AI-powered security systems may provide the oil field industry with automatic, dependable, and remotely accessible live feeds to the appropriate operator, provisioning superior automation and monitoring capabilities.

Reminiscent of such utilitarian vendors is a company called Twenty20 Solutions – a provider of access control, automation, smart security, and monitoring solutions; in a single AI-enabled package, the company actualizes remotely accessible security functions and minimizes the number of people necessary for security. Twenty20 began as a security company for the oil and gas business but has currently expanded its portfolio of expertise to provide security solutions for all major industries where safety, security, and loss prevention are critical. The company’s solution is comprehensive and robust, featuring smart security, access management and access control, and automation of sites. Off-grid and on-grid alternative services are also available with a diverse array of solutions; the former is for locations with limited power and internet access, while the latter is for locations with ample resources. All of the monitoring security equipment, automated gates, and the platform on which it works are solar-powered through the off-grid services.

Twenty20 offers bi-directional control in automation, which removes the necessity of on-site personnel to secure a site. The company’s cameras are all controlled through a single platform, built with object recognition and event classification and event-driven surveillance alerts, thanks to AI integration. Artificial Intelligence technology is also applied to scan and allow only the company’s vehicles to enter a facility, thereby reducing the risks of unwanted personnel gaining access to the site. On the information security front, Twenty20 stores data on its servers and in the cloud, comprehensively indexing them since the start and providing clients access to the same, as and when they require. Furthermore, the company’s bi-directional automated control grants remote access and control of a site to the administrator; it monitors employees, products in a pipeline, and commodities in a transport vehicle. Additionally, Twenty20 guarantees that all workers and assets are adequately protected; if not, authorities will be alerted, and proactive safety measures will be implemented. The firm also includes technology that detects the amount of oil and water in a tank, as well as monitors the pump jacks, to ensure that they are in proper operating condition. These solutions transform an oil field into a fully automated infrastructure that replaces several monitoring guards. To provide remote connectivity to isolated regions, Twenty20’s solutions are provisioned through either cellular, satellite, wifi, or internet landlines, depending on the operation site. Twenty20 can connect a company with over 200 different network operators, utilizing the best cellular carrier based on geography and availability.

Apart from the oil industry, the company has provided smart security and loss prevention solutions to one of California’s major utility providers. With Twenty20’s assistance, the client’s theft and damage rates were decreased by 90%. “When we performed a case study, they said the most critical aspect of the collaboration was risk mitigation and incident and loss resolution. As a result, they realized a higher return on investment,” says Daniel Vertachnik, CEO of Twenty20. In the same light, the firm supports the cannabis sector with the 24/7 and 90-day recording requirements, which is a unique need for that industry. Twenty20’s clientele is growing exponentially, with renewables, the government and shipping lines among them. The firm is also working on a security and access marketplace that will include both its solutions and those of numerous partners. With a team of strong individuals in research and development, Twenty20 continuously aspires to develop new technology for the market in the foreseeable future. In conclusion, the CEO states, “We are doing some unique things. We are in a very strong work mode, we’re growing organically, and we’re looking at mergers and acquisitions completing our first merger with Skyhawk of Baton Rouge, a provider of security and access solutions, managed IT services and infrastructure support. As an organization, we’re very engaged in looking for partners to bring in and roll up into our business to provide even more value for our customers.


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