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Twenty20 Solutions Introduces Active Shooter Location & Identification (ASLI) Capabilities

IRVING, Texas, September 27, 2022 ( - Twenty20 Solutions, in partnership with Acoem USA, has announced the addition of Active Shooter Location Identification ("ASLI") technology to its lineup of security technology solutions. With increasing concerns about gun violence for organizations of all types and sizes, comprehensive, next-generation active shooter solutions offer significant improvements over traditional gunshot detection solutions.

ASLI Camera and Microphone array set up on a pole, blue sky in the background, with orange lens flare lines intersecting

Businesses, neighborhoods, religious and educational institutions seek ways to improve security and keep people as safe as possible. This has led to the utilization of traditional gunshot detection technology - typically in the form of microphones and security cameras installed in key locations - listening for the sound of gunfire and reporting events to security officials. However, traditional gunshot detection solutions can be limited in scope. Criticisms of such legacy technology include high instances of false positives along with the inability to collect any identifying information on the perpetrator or the firearm. In addition, legacy technology faces privacy and citizen's rights concerns, due to the broad, non-specific responses that these solutions often trigger. Twenty20 and Acoem's ASLI technology surpasses traditional solutions helping minimize these concerns, thanks to the addition of integrated, real-time video powered by artificial intelligence.

"Simply stated, ASLI allows you to better protect people, property, and assets." notes Twenty20 CEO, Dan Vertachnik. "It's not just the detection of gunfire which differentiates ALSI; ASLI acoustic detection technology works in tandem with video surveillance to identify shooters, distinguish between long guns and handguns, identify getaway vehicles, and potentially match a shooter to an identity via facial recognition all while helping direct potential victims away from danger. Our solution allows users to gain real-time situational awareness that can be passed on to first responders. ASLI also integrates seamlessly with access control solutions, enabling automatic lockdown of your site's entry points, if desired. This gives you critical extra time to lock or unlock doors internally to facilitate the movement of innocent people as needed while barring or slowing active shooters. Active Shooter Location Identification plays a big role in keeping your sites safer while at the same time helping law enforcement and emergency officials in responding to active shooter situations."

"Acoem is excited to partner with Twenty20 solutions, and to pair our powerful military proven Acoustic Threat Detection technology with their many portable solutions. The ability to offer "eyes" and "ears" on demand is a critical need in today's world. Our gunshot detection paired with Twenty20's amazing user interface, analytics, and video monitoring will truly make communities, schools, and any monitored area more secure," says Acoem Sales Manager Mike Arnold.

About Twenty20 Solutions

Twenty20 Solutions is a global provider of automation and security technology, smart surveillance, monitoring, and access control solutions for on and off-grid environments. Twenty20 offers a full suite of AI and video analytics technologies including object detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, thermal & radar detection, and more. For more information, visit


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