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Sound Monitoring for Large West-Coast E&P Operator

Oil drill pump against suburban area backdrop

A large E&P Operator needed assistance in monitoring sound produced at a suburban drilling site to prove compliance.


Operating near a residential area, a leading drilling services company was the subject of a number of complaints to the local government and industry agencies. Neighboring residents felt that ongoing pumping operations created excessive noise in their community and eventually took the case to arbitration. The onus was on the operator to prove that its operations were not violating the local noise ordinance. Initially, they engaged with another solutions provider who delayed resolution through weeks of planning and ultimately failed to deliver a reliable sound monitoring option and the associated data.


After failing to reach a solution with the first provider, the operator contacted Twenty20 Solutions, and we immediately began R&D on a solution. Because the Twenty20 system is designed to work with any device, this process was expedited significantly. Within 48 hours, Twenty20 Solutions was constructing and testing an automated, high-definition sound monitoring solution, and, within three days from the initial request, deployed an effective solution to the customer’s site.

Benefits & Values

Custom Solutions Twenty20 Solutions developed new technology in response to our customer's specific needs

Expedited Delivery Twenty20's technology works with any device, allowing us to deliver rapid results in just 3 days

​Data-Driven Insights Time-stamped noise recordings provided evidence used to win ongoing legal proceedings


With time-stamped noise recordings from the pump site, the company arrived for arbitration armed with the evidence to prove its case. Twenty20’s detailed digital recordings showed that, in fact, the operator was not creating excessive noise either in the residential community or at the well site – and the arbitrators agreed. Since that successful legal battle, residents in the community have filed zero noise complaints against the operator.


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