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Solution Profile: Property Management

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Property management refers to the practice of performing upkeep, management, and maintenance of properties of all kinds, including residential, commercial, and rural real estate. The field involves not just the physical maintenance of properties, but also the soft management of tenants, rental collection, property inspections, and more. Property owners often cannot handle the full load of tasks that come with managing a site by themselves, so they will typically hire specialized companies to carry out the day-to-day operations and oversee all possible issues.


Property managers have to juggle many tasks in order to keep their sites properly maintained and secured. The difficulty of keeping track of every issue can sometimes lead to blind spots in security or maintenance that can create real problems down the road. For example, lack of investment in or improper monitoring of security equipment such as surveillance cameras or monitored entrance gates can create spots of opportunity for bad actors to enter and cause damage. Properties that are vacant, under construction, or in remote areas are particularly vulnerable to issues such as trespassing, vandalism, and material and equipment theft.

commercial building under construction

Maintenance schedules can represent another challenge. With the myriad different types of equipment that can be present on any given site, it can be easy to overlook a recommended servicing, or not notice when a nonessential piece of equipment has broken down. This can lead to more expensive repairs being needed down the road, running the risk of an interruption of services to tenants. Even when equipment pieces have alert systems to notify when something goes wrong, it is easy to miss a single notification within separate, scattershot monitoring systems.


AI-enabled security, monitoring, and access control solutions help keep properties secure without the need of in-person guards. Able to cover much more area than human eyes alone, our solutions act as an extension of your security team, covering all bases while remaining cost-effective. Monitoring solutions such as our AI-enabled video surveillance automatically detect unusual activity, with our 24/7 live monitoring team reporting incidents to authorities and executing preplanned courses of action to keep your property protected. Our cloud-based Novus Platform™ allows you to combine all cameras and equipment panels into one place, creating a single-pane-of-glass view that greatly simplifies equipment management and pushes notifications when equipment has gone down or is in need of repair.

Access control acts as a critical line of defense for properties of all kinds, enabling streamlined entry and exit while keeping out unauthorized parties. Our solutions also allow you to view visitors and grant access from anywhere in the world via a smartphone, removing the need for an in-person guard. For properties under construction, portable hardware solutions such as the Twenty20 SmartLock enable users to grant one-time access for inspectors or remotely unlock for contractors, easily relocating the solution to the next site as projects are completed.

Benefits & Values

​Lower Costs

Streamlined Operations

Improved Relationships with Clients and Tenants

​AI-enabled solutions help property managers save on their overall operating costs, with artificially intelligent monitoring and remote access control eliminating the need for in-person security staff. In addition, the ability to immediately identify and deal with issues before they occur helps eliminate repair and security costs.

The many aspects of property management can lead to a frustrating level of complexity when dealing with inevitable issues such as equipment repair. Our solutions allow for easier streamlining and execution of various management responsibilities without the hassle of extensive recordkeeping.

Cost savings and more efficient security and access solutions allow property managers to gain a better relationship with their clients and tenants. These improved relationships can lead to greater overall satisfaction and increases in revenue for property managers and owners alike.


Property management companies and property owners benefit from technology-enabled solutions that help them perform management tasks more quickly and with greater efficiency. Contact Twenty20 today to learn more about the flexible, configurable solutions we provide to property managers of all kinds.

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