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Extensive Managed IT & Security for Medicinal Cannabis Provider


An established health and wellness company in a southeastern state was awarded one of the few initial medical marijuana pharmacy licenses granted upon the state's legalization of the treatment. This allowed the organization to gain the coveted status of official medical dispensary. However, the road to obtaining the grant was not easy, as licensing was only awarded after an intensely competitive process and final review from the state's pharmacy board. The organization's status as a medical dispensary was also contingent upon upholding strict security practices in the both the cyber and physical spaces. Twenty20 Solutions was selected amongst many other proposed groups to facilitate proper security and network services for the newly established pharmacy.

Masked doctor handling medical marijuana/cannabis


The complex security requirements and lack of preexisting infrastructure presented a unique challenge for Twenty20 to solve. The newly minted dispensary required extensive security, IT, and network service installation, which necessitated a detailed plan to design, build, service, and maintain the new equipment and systems. Any failure to fulfill the strict security requirements set out by the state legislature would jeopardize the company's license to sell medical marijuana, which would lead to the loss of not only a substantial stream of revenue, but also the time and money that had been put into initially acquiring the license.

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Twenty20 designed and delivered a complete solution suite that comprised of a highly-accessible network with internet, power, and system fail-safes, VoIP, access control, video surveillance, traditional alarm systems, manned live video monitoring, surveillance setup and service, point-of-sale system, all local IT hardware (desktops, laptops, servers), and enterprise-level Wi-Fi.

Benefits & Value

Revenue Retention

Integrated Systems


​Licensing for potential medical marijuana providers can be difficult to obtain. Twenty20's security solutions allow the company to stay in compliance with state legislation and continue to earn revenue via sales.

With internet, IT, and sales ecosystems all managed under one umbrella, the company can more easily interact with and maintain their virtual systems. Local IT hardware eliminates the risk of outside breaches affecting company activities.

​Fail-safe solutions are critical in the medical marijuana sector. With both traditional and AI-enabled security systems at their disposal, the company can operate with much lower risk of a breach.


Despite the many moving parts and extensive setup required, Twenty20 was able to deliver the full suite of solutions in record time and with very little trouble. The pharmacy retains their cannabis license to this day and continues to serve patients.


About Us

Twenty20 Solutions provides industry-leading security and monitoring solutions for providers in the cannabis industry, from grow facilities to processing and distribution centers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help augment your cannabusiness.