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AI-Enabled Video Surveillance for Leading Oil & Gas Provider

Twenty20's SiteWatch™ video surveillance & security system deployed in a rugged desert area

The company is a Texas-based specialty transportation provider focused on the unique challenges of the oil & gas industry. Challenges

The company contacted Twenty20 Solutions to help eliminate mineral theft problems in remote sites in West Texas.​ The time spent dealing with the consequences of theft and trespassing incidents impacted daily workflow and lead to lost employee time and revenue.


The company presented a need for a self-sufficient system that is able to survive intense environmental conditions. Twenty20’s SiteWatch™ video surveillance system, with cloud access for remote viewing and artificial intelligence software to detect human and vehicle presence at the site and send real-time alerts, was chosen to help the company alleviate the mineral theft. The SiteWatch was an economical alternative to physical security, with no need for constant redeployment or replacement of guards.

Benefits & Values

​Eliminated mineral theft from the client's location​

​Reduced site monitoring costs by 75%

Greater monitoring reach for a remote, sparse location

​Costly mineral theft was threatening the company's bottom line and creating issues for staff. The elimination of the theft increased revenue by not only removing loss, but allowing the company to focus valuable resources on production.

Previous solutions to the company's theft issues were expensive with less-than-ideal results. Twenty20's technology-centric security vastly reduced costs while solving the theft issues.

Harsh, outlying locations pose challenges for in-person security observation, with full physical coverage difficult to accomplish. Video surveillance allows for greater ease in observation without needing to physically walk the site.


With the newly installed SiteWatch™ keeping a vigilant, 24-hour watch, the company saw its revenue greatly increase as thefts went down and costs for physical security decreased. Access control and video surveillance allow for a heightened level of security with a substantially better price tag.


About Twenty20 Solutions

Twenty20 is a single-source provider of comprehensive security solutions. With an innovative AI-powered technology suite, hybrid IoT, Cloud and Edge computing platform, and fully automated, real-time, bi-directional hardware control, we develop solutions tailored to your security needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.


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