Access Control for Large Automobile Dealership

Background The company is a large auto group based in the U.S., with more than 23 auto dealerships and number one in overall car sales in the State of New York. Twenty20 Solutions was asked to provide a solution to prevent unauthorized entry to the rear parking lots at three of the group's locations. Challenges The group was experiencing theft of automobiles and car parts from vehicles overnight in rear parking lots at their auto dealerships. This theft was causing substantial losses associated with parts replacement and repair, as well as inventory loss.

Solution Twenty20 Solutions proposed a solution consisting of four lift arm gates to control access, one at each entry/exit point to the rear parking lots.

Benefits & Values
  • Increased Security​

  • Reduced theft​

  • Ability to grant, edit or revoke access in real-time online ​

  • Ability to allow access remotely​

  • All after-hour entries to rear lot logged


The access control solution provided by Twenty20 reduced theft and deterred vandalism at the dealerships, providing a cost savings of approximately $75,000.