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10 Reasons Why The Cloud Is The Future Of Industrial Monitoring

Monitoring remote locations in real-time at a low operating cost combined with advances in AI and machine learning to interpret data are why cloud platforms are defining the future of SCADA and industrial monitoring. Read the full article featuring Twenty20 Solutions on

Why AI Is The Future Of Remote Security Monitoring

Improving the accuracy, insight, and speed of response to remote threats using AI-based video recognition systems should be top priority for agriculture, construction, oil and gas, utilities and critical infrastructure. Read the full article featuring Twenty20 Solutions on

10 Ways AI & Real-Time Monitoring Can Protect Utilities Today

Twenty20 Solutions is featured in this Forbes article about utility companies and the need to implement endpoint security and real-time monitoring in order to achieve cybersecurity and physical security objectives with a unified strategy. Visit to read the full article.

Twenty20 Solutions Appoints Daniel Vertachnik as New CEO

Twenty20 Solutions, a leading provider of IIoT-based solutions that delivers real-time security, monitoring and automation to customers with remote sites across the energy, utility, agriculture, construction and critical infrastructure industries, announced Daniel Vertachnik as CEO, effective immediately. Vertachnik will succeed Peter Shaper, interim CEO.

PetroCloud Changes Name to Twenty20 Solutions

PetroCloud, a leading provider of security, monitoring and automation solutions for customers with remote operations, announced today it has changed its name from PetroCloud to Twenty20 Solutions.


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