Mobile Video Surveillance Solutions for Top Electrical Utility Company  

A leading drilling services and technology innovator operates the largest fleet of land-based drilling rigs on Earth, including millions of dollars in equipment stored in stack yards when not in use.

The Challenge

A leading drilling services and technology innovator operates the largest fleet of land-based drilling rigs on Earth. As such, the company needs to respond to the ebb and flow of the U.S. oil and gas production market. To do this effectively, the company maintains a large fleet of drilling rigs, either deployed on location or stored strategically around the country in what are known as “stack yards”. When stored, these rigs – which range in value from $10-25MM – must be kept serviceable and ready to respond to industry demand. During a large production downturn in the U.S. energy market in 2015, the company’s global security team turned to Twenty20 Solutions to secure its stack yards, offices and other remote facilities in seven states from Pennsylvania and Ohio to Texas and Colorado. Storing a large number of rigs typically requires rural or industrial areas, and, with it, comes an elevated risk of vandalism and theft due to the isolated locations and high-value materials and electronics on each rig. With perimeters often exceeding 2 miles to accommodate the size of these rigs, these remote facilities create incredible challenges for traditional intrusion detection and video surveillance systems.


The Solution

Twenty20 Solutions first performed a detailed discovery with the company’s security team to better understand the challenges and develop and document common performance metrics, operational procedures and project scheduling. We recommended a pilot service delivery to continue to refine the standard operating procedures, build trust, demonstrate capability and expertise and help the company ease its internal stakeholders into adopting a new security platform. To meet these customer goals, we followed our standard security solution implementation processes, beginning with a detailed scout of each location performed by licensed and trained field engineers and security personnel. This in-person assessment drove the engineering and design phase, during which our engineers and security personnel developed a custom-designed solution for each site. Not only did this approach ensure that equipment, procedures, timelines and locations were accurately depicted and presented for approval well before the project start date, it made installations smooth and simplified on-boarding each location.

Our successful pilot further refined and solidified the relationship, launching the nationwide deployment of cutting-edge technology and security solutions. One key takeaway from the pilot was the assessment by the security team that they would require assistance monitoring the video surveillance solutions they were deploying. As part of the national rollout and implementation, we incorporated all locations into our Manned Monitoring Center (MMC) for manned monitoring services. Today, we remotely monitor more than 25 individual locations across the continental United States for 24/7 security and compliance with health, safety and environmental (HSE) standards. We store motion-event-generated recordings for future playback, available for review through our dashboard when required.

The Results


Nationwide Rollout

By implementing a pilot program and in-person assessment of each site, we were able to make adjustments up front that allowed for a smooth multi-site rollout.



Video surveillance and remote monitoring has helped prevent and recover thousands of dollars of stolen equipment stored in various locations.



Our Manned Monitoring Center serves as an extension of the customer's security team to virtually monitor more than 25 sites across the country.

Twenty20 Solutions deployed hundreds of sensors at dozens of locations, including day/night HD and thermal imaging cameras, radar systems and more. From intrusion detection, theft investigations and HSE liability protection, the Twenty20 system has delivered on its promise numerous times over its cost, including more than two-dozen real-world intrusion detections and multiple arrests and equipment recoveries. In one particular incident, an intruder at a stack yard near Oklahoma City attempted to gain access by knocking over a perimeter fence post. Our MMC personnel, alerted by the event via the motion settings in the on-site cameras, monitored the streaming video feed for real-time awareness and contacted customer personnel who coordinated with local law enforcement. This coordination led to the apprehension and prosecution of the intruder using recordings from the Twenty20 system as evidence. Multiple pieces of equipment containing tens of thousands of dollars in sensitive equipment stored on this location were retained and left undamaged.