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Few industries have more operations in remote locations than the energy sector. From drilling sites and pipelines to saltwater disposal facilities and storage yards, operational assets are often scattered over hundreds or even thousands of miles with limited resources to address maintenance or security challenges.


Unprecedented insight.

Security and automation solutions from Twenty20 Solutions allow you to monitor and react to threats and maintenance issues in real-time, before a loss or breakdown occurs. Regardless of where your operations are located, with or without electricity or cellular connectivity, the Twenty20 suite of solutions is designed to extend your reach and impact across your operational footprint.

Prevent Crime

On average our system transacts 13,000,000 events per month. We prevent theft, burglary and vandalism and help apprehend trespassers.

Control Access

Know exactly who comes and goes from your lease. We’re helping one operator manage 35,000 gate crossings a year with logs, video surveillance and audit trails.

Reduce Costs

Slow down a pump jack or turn off a valve automatically or with a tap on your phone. Automate and control critical assets without truck rolls or lost productivity.

From surveillance, detection and access control to monitoring and automation applications, Twenty20 Solutions opens up a whole new world for your company – total vision and control of your remote operations.

Case Studies

Surveillance & Access Control

  • Fortune 1000 E&P operator
  • Challenge: Theft, vandalism and illegal dumping on remote sites
  • Solutions: Video surveillance provides evidence to offset liability and push costs to appropriate parties

Nationwide Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Leading Drilling Services Company
  • Challenge: Theft of high-value assets at remote, unmanned storage yards and warehouses
  • Solution: Intrusion detection system has identified dozens of break-ins and helped local law enforcement prosecute criminals

Integrated Security & Monitoring

  • Large E&P operator in the Permian Basin
  • Challenge: Securing both corporate offices and remote sites
  • Solution: Facility security for 1,335 employees and early warning and alert management for isolated well sites

Video Surveillance & Automation

  • Midstream Saltwater Disposal Operator
  • Challenge: Modernizing industrial and accounting processes with automation
  • Solution: Advanced automation platform integrated into new and existing operations via SCADA network

Sound Monitoring

  • Large E&P Operator in California
  • Challenge: Monitoring sound at a suburban drilling site to prove compliance
  • Solution: HD sound monitoring system developed and deployed within 72 hours

Operations & Security Monitoring

  • Oil and gas company developing new acreage
  • Challenge: Monitoring operations and security system remotely from Midland, TX HQ
  • Solution: Comprehensive video surveillance and SCADA/automation system