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Critical Infrastructure

The facilities and assets of critical infrastructure operations are under threat from terrorists, activists and thieves. Many of these vital facilities are located in remote areas or locations without electrical or data connections. Twenty20 Solutions is the reliable and trusted partner to deliver innovative solutions designed for the unique challenges facing critical infrastructure operations such as dams, wind farms and vulnerable construction sites.

Prevent Crime

On average our system transacts 13,000,000 events per month. We prevent theft, burglary and vandalism and help apprehend trespassers.

Control Access

Know exactly who comes and goes from your operation. We’re helping one customer manage 35,000 gate crossings a year with logs, video surveillance and audit trails.

Manage Effortlessly 24/7

Break-in at 4:00 a.m.? Know what’s happening in the moment with Twenty20’s Manned Monitoring Center and powerful self-monitoring alert management tools.

Our trailer- and skid-mounted systems deploy quickly and deliver round-the-clock, real-time surveillance and detection capabilities even without power or cellular connectivity at your location. Our solar-powered, cellularly connected systems allow your security team (or ours) to monitor activities live, giving you the ability to contact law enforcement and stop security concerns before a loss occurs.

Case Studies

Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Large Electrical Utility
  • Challenge: Increased thefts during construction at substations
  • Solution: Video surveillance has stopped thefts and led to multiple arrests