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With losses estimated at $1 billion annually* in the US alone*, theft from construction sites is a major concern for general contractors, operations managers, site supervisors, as well as property owners and investors. Theft of equipment and supplies creates costly delays, and unauthorized access increases injury and liability risks.


Twenty20 Solutions delivers security, automation, and monitoring services built for off-grid environments – including those where the grid is not yet built!

Prevent Crime

Twenty20 systems transact an average of 13,000,000 events per month. Our video surveillance solutions and Manned Monitoring Center prevent theft, burglary and vandalism without requiring personnel on-site.

Control Access

Know exactly who comes and goes from your construction site or commercial property. Vehicle gates, pedestrian access points, and Twenty20 SmartLocks provide the audit history and control you require.

Progress Visibility

Twenty20 Solutions provides time-lapse video solutions to give your team up-to-date visibility and historical progress tracked remotely via the unified dashboard.

Our trailer- and skid-mounted systems deploy quickly and deliver round-the-clock, real-time surveillance and detection capabilities even without power or cellular connectivity at your location. Our solar-powered, cellularly connected systems allow your security team (or ours) to monitor activities live, giving you the ability to contact law enforcement and stop security concerns before a loss occurs.


*National Equipment Registry estimate

Case Studies

Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Large Electrical Utility
  • Challenge: Increased thefts during construction at substations
  • Solution: Video surveillance has stopped thefts and led to multiple arrests

Integrated Security & Monitoring

  • Large E&P operator in the Permian Basin
  • Challenge: Securing both corporate offices and remote sites
  • Solution: Facility security for 1,335 employees and early warning and alert management for isolated well sites

Surveillance & Monitoring

  • Food Production Company
  • Challenge: Preventing theft of high-value equipment at remote farms
  • Solution: Video surveillance deters trespassers

Video Surveillance

  • Engineering & Construction Firm
  • Challenge: Prevent theft and unauthorized access at job sites
  • Solution: Rapidly deployed video surveillance system