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High vulnerability.

Agriculture operations are, by necessity, located in remote locations and are serviced by numerous vendors and contractors on any given day. This can make it difficult for owners and operators to maintain accountability and prevent theft and other threats.


Take control.

Twenty20 Solutions gives you a complete solution for securing, automating and monitoring your high-value agricultural assets and operations in real-time, around the clock – even in remote, off-the-grid locations. Vehicle and personnel gates, video surveillance systems, greenhouse controls, monitoring equipment – you name it – Twenty20 provides the vision and control you need to reduce your exposure to theft, comply with agricultural regulations and protect your employees.

Secure Facilities

Grant entry and exit for gates, storage rooms and greenhouses only to authorized personnel. Revoke access immediately for terminated employees.

Optimize Crops

Measure temperature, CO2 and humidity levels and make needed system adjustments such as turning on irrigation systems – all remotely.

Deter Transients

People hanging around your operation that shouldn’t be there? Identify them with motion detection and turn on spotlights, talk through voice down and dispatch security personnel.

Case Studies

Video Surveillance & Access Control

  • Cannabis Processing Company
  • Challenge: Securing a high-value facility in a high-crime area
  • Solution: Surveillance and restricted access keep the business and employees safe

Video Surveillance

  • Food Production Company
  • Challenge: Preventing theft of high-value equipment at remote farms
  • Solution: Video surveillance deters trespassers