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All-seeing, all-knowing and very powerful.

Remote sites are vulnerable.

Here’s an unsettling fact: many of the industries vital to modern life are also most vulnerable to security threats and maintenance issues. Sometimes located hundreds or even thousands of miles away from a central base of operations, with limited or no local support resources, theft and mechanical breakdowns lead to compromised operability and significant financial loss. That’s exactly where Twenty20’s security, monitoring and automation solutions come into play.


Twenty20 gives you control.

We deliver real-time visibility and control of your equipment and locations, giving you powerful insight into your operations. Our platform delivers alerts and alarms, so you can take action or execute pre-determined automated actions, all based on your needs.

High-performance security solutions for your most remote locations

Unprecedented power to restrict access at your most remote operations

Smart solutions to improve the performance and productivity of your remote operations

Reliability in the most isolated locations.

No matter how remote or isolated your locations, we secure and protect your high-value and high-risk operations and ensure mission critical equipment doesn’t fail. Our advanced IIoT platform is built specifically to operate in these environments with limitless applications. No matter what you need to see, monitor, track or control, you can do it from Twenty20’s integrated platform.

Twenty20 gives organizations operating in the energy, agriculture, critical infrastructure and utility sectors the ultimate long-distance control over their remote operations. You can read several of their success stories here.