There are more than 90,000 dams and power-generating facilities in the US, and protecting these sites from theft and vandalism is critical for the safety of the local communities served by these facilities.

Hydropower Plant & Dam Security

Hydropower plants generate 70 percent of the worlds’ renewable energy. Located in remote areas, many sites are vulnerable to vandalism or other intrusions. Most dams and hydropower facilities are often remote and have limited connectivity, many not even connected to landline, fiber or other communication networks. Protecting these sites from theft and vandalism is critical for the safety of local communities.

Unique to hydropower plants and dams is the fact that they impound millions of gallons of water which could be unleashed on downstream communities. This could endanger lives and property on a tremendous scale, depending on the size and location of the reservoir. Securing hydropower facilities and dams from unauthorized access is critical. Twenty20 Solutions offers multiple stand-alone security systems that operate on solar power and need no connectivity.

How to Secure Hydropower Plants & Dams


Hydropower plants and dams are challenging to secure. Not only are the facilities extremely vast in size, but offer harsh environments that can be difficult to maneuver, making it hard for on-site security guards to adequately monitor all areas of these sites.

An effective video surveillance and remote monitoring system can help to reduce response times and minimizing risk to overall operations. Twenty20™ Solutions offers multiple stand-alone security systems that operate on solar power and need no connectivity. Our systems can integrate with your existing intrusion alarms to give you a truly integrated security solution to protect these off-grid locations.

Security and remote monitoring solutions from Twenty20 Solutions allow you to monitor and react to threats and maintenance issues in real-time, before a loss or breakdown occurs. Regardless of where your operations are located, with or without electricity or cellular connectivity, the Twenty20 suite of solutions is designed to extend your reach and impact across your operational footprint. We leverage leading-edge technology to provide a variety of innovative solutions that give unprecedented visibility and control of your sites.

Our web-based platform enables you to view live footage your sites in a single, integrated system from any mobile device or computer. You can monitor your sites from thousands of miles away to ensure your operations are running efficiently. Our technology provides the data you need to make real-time assessments and decisions with regard to security breaches, safety procedures, maintenance needs and more so you minimize costly downtime on your sites due to theft, vandalism or operational issues.

Benefits of Video Surveillance & Monitoring on Hydropower Plants & Dams

Deter Crime

By allowing only authorized personnel onsite, all types of crime are controlled, including theft, vandalism and site-accessed cybercrime. If an incident does occur, the system can show you who was present at any given time to assist in law enforcement investigations.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Gates and doors are usually the most vulnerable points of any facility. Remote Access Control from Twenty20 Solutions begins by reducing the threat of unauthorized access, systems hacking and vandalism. They also provide data to help you see and deter unauthorized criminal access, assuring safety for the site and for the surrounding community.

View Sites Remotely

Twenty20 Solutions lets you observe your site in real time, 24/7, through our web-based platform. From any location, at any time, you will know what’s happening on-site. You can also access previous events in order to track activity. Twenty20's video analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence reduces false alarms so you can focus only on real threats to your operations. Our system correctly identifies objects, differentiating items like vehicles, animals or people. In addition, you have the ability to identify PPEs, vehicles and license numbers so you can track equipment and personnel, enforce safety compliance, verify billable vendor time and more.

Reduce Liability

A hydroelectric incident can affect workers, the power grid or people and structures downstream. Regulating access and monitoring the area can reduce the chances of unwanted intrusions and interference with normal processes.

Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance solutions prevent theft, burglary and vandalism without requiring additional on-site personnel.

Remote Access

Know exactly who comes and goes from your facility with systems that provide the audit history and control.

Remote Monitoring

The Twenty20 Manned Monitoring Center is staffed with virtual guards that provide real-time monitoring to keep your site safe.

Solutions for Hydropower Plants

Featured Case Study

Construction companies rarely have extra time to plan before starting a project. Once they win a job, their work typically starts within a few weeks. That was case time and time again for one engineering and construction company. They needed mobile security systems that could be delivered at a moment’s notice, and their previous security provider was not able to provide skid-mounted security solutions quickly enough to meet project timelines.